‘Animal Kingdom’: 5 Things We Want to See in Season 5

Well, the Animal Kingdom season 4 finale happened last week, and left a lot of us in pure and utter shock. If you didn’t scream “Oh my god!” at least once, while picking your jaw up from the ground, then you’re probably only a healthy bit invested in these characters- unless some of us (ahem. me).

But anyway, after gathering my wits, and re-watching the last two episodes (you know why!), here are 5 things that we’d like to see in Season 5, when the Codys grace us again with their presence, in a year.

5. Craig Being A Dad

Ren and Craig had a baby! I have always loved Animal Kingdom’s ability to bring back secondary characters and have us as the audience suddenly reinvest our hopes into them. Season four’s investment came as a bundle of joy named Nick. Sadly, we only got a handful of scenes of Craig holding Nick, or even interacting with him. In a year, I’d like to see Craig struggling with juggling his criminal behavior- and being a good father, and…. Significant other to Nick and Ren.

4. More Flashbacks!

While the flashbacks were a bit difficult to get used to (very Arrow-esque), they grew on me so much. We met young Smurf, and Colin; the only real love of Janine’s life. At the end of Season 4, Colin got shot, and we saw Smurf head back into Jake’s (her ex) arms. But by the end of it, Janine still wasn’t the Smurf we knew today. Watching the transition happen to the conniving, manipulating, and sadly, the untrustworthy woman we knew and loved, would definitely be a lot of fun.

3. Pamela

Along the same vein as numero 4, it’d be nice to see what Pamela has gotten up to these past 40 years. We know she has two kids, and man, wouldn’t it be cool if an all-out family war started? The Cody’s against the Johnson’s? How has Pam run her family? Does it have the same underlying, disturbing theme of incest? Do the Johnson’s actually maybe like each other? Can they lead somewhat functional lives, capable of love and trust? It’d be great to find out!

2. A New Leadership

Now with Smurf gone (R.I.P), some could argue the boys are left without someone to look to. Besides, whether they ‘d ever admitted it or not, Smurf was who they depended on. All the hate and smack talk is just a cover-up- that shows just how much they need her; proven with Darren’s inability to leave Oceanside in the finale- breaking up with Adrian in the process. The obvious one for this the push and pull we’ve seen between Pope and Jay. But what if someone new comes into the picture? A couple of other ideas being “the dads”. Jake’s been lingering around the house, along with Billy. Do they really care about their sons, or do they just want in on the action (any money?) And the last idea- albeit the more far-fetched one- is Frankie. While I do think she will try to make a play for the matriarchal seat, I don’t think it will go too well, seeing how she has completely lost the trust of the boys after the first job. Either way, not only do the Codys need to prove they’re still in the race, but they also need to hold down the forte themselves, with so many people probably trying to make a play for the top seat.

1. More Jobs! More trust!

Last but not least, now with Smurf not manipulating everyone, it’d be absolutely amazing seeing the boys actually being a family. The obvious way for season 5 to go is for them to be completely at odds at the beginning, leading to a job going horribly wrong. That would send out the message to their network, that they are not as unified as they claim to be, and a lot of back door politics will ensue. But hopefully, they’ll finally sit down on the couches and have an awkward conversation about their emotions, and then get on the same page: they have to work together to prove to everyone that they Cody’s still mean everything to their world. Maybe a bit idealistic, but having the season end with a crazy job that goes really well, would be amazing.

And there you have it! Five things we’d like to see in season of five of Animal Kingdom. What do you want to see? Do you actually think any of these will happen?

Let us know in the comments below!

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