‘Titans’ Season 2 Full Trailer Released

With only a week and a half to go before their highly anticipated premiere, DC Universe has released an official full trailer for the second season of Titans. 

The trailer is full of new scenes that we haven’t seen yet and it does give us a better idea of what the overall season will be about. Teasing new dynamics within the team, it’s clear that Dick Grayson is ready to finally embrace his role as team leader.

It looks like Dick and Kory will be training their younger team members and turning them into the heroes we know and love from the comics.

Other teases include trouble on the horizon for Hawk and Dove, as well as some possible romantic drama between Donna Troy and Aqualad.

We also get a better look at what Connor and Krypto will be up to. The duo will likely spend the first batch of episodes on their own.

And one cannot forget to mention overall big bad of the season: Deathstroke. He’s coming to wreck havoc on the Titans and I can’t wait to see them band together to fight him.

Overall, the season looks really incredible. The production value seems to have increased between season one and two. It looks like DC Universe has finally realized that they have a real gem with this show. On the heels of Swamp Thing’s cancellation, however, this show has to bring it in Season 2. This streaming service needs a win now that Disney+ has announced their upcoming line up for 2020.

It has been rumored that this season will have 13 episodes after releasing only 11 episodes last season.

Titans will be available to stream week to week starting September 6th.

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