‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 6: Five Thoughts from Week 4

I have to admit, we’re incredibly spoiled that we get two episodes — FOUR HOURS — worth of this wonderfully addictive content every week with Bachelor in Paradise. Yes, it does make the season pass quickly. But it’s all the beauty of binge-watching without binge-watching.

This fourth week of Paradise was an interesting one. While I wasn’t blown away by Monday’s portion (yawn, overall), Tuesday’s episode brought the drama.

Whether it was Dean pulling a Dean, JPJ vs. Derek or a wedding between Goose and bride, it was certainly an eventful week.

Here are my five thoughts from Week 4 of Bachelor in Paradise:

1. Dean, Mr. Commitment Phobe, rears his ugly head once more

Dean has become a legend in Bachelor in Paradise, mostly for his inability to commit when some lovely woman want to form a relationship with him. I still remember how he broke Kristina’s heart back in 2017. The pair were inseparable and deemed one of Paradise‘s strongest couples. But that soon disintegrated with the introduction of Danielle, who attracted Dean’s interest almost immediately. Dean was willing to chase a meaningless hookup over a real relationship. The exact same thing didn’t happen with Dean and Caelynn, but the commitment-phobe in Dean once again awakened. Dean had just made an incredible gesture for Caelynn’s birthday — and given her his rose — before dropping a bomb on her. He knew their feelings for each other would continue to grow, but he didn’t foresee anything happening after the show. So he removed himself from the equation, leaving a heartbroken Caelynn behind. Is this the end of Dean and Caelynn? You never know on this show.

2. John Paul Jones v. Derek

Look, I love me some John Paul Jones, but I’ll be the first to tell that he completely jumped the shark this week in Paradise. Look, I also understand that JPJ realized what he had with Tayshia was something special — when it was too late. That doesn’t justify going after Derek, who to this point was recovering from his heart being broken by Demi, as he wasn’t who she really wanted to be with. Derek was single. Tayshia was single. Paradise is begging for things like this to go down. But it didn’t justify JPJ going off on Derek and crafting this narrative about how Derek is doing it all for the fame. Look, JPJ, I also have a podcast. That doesn’t mean that every single thing I do is to promote that. Don’t blame me because you lost something. Thought, to be fair, Tayshia was into Derek and casually pushing JPJ to date other girls. So, actually, if you have beef with someone, JPJ, it’s your girl.

3. Chris & Krystal get married

True love does exist! Who would have thought that Chris and Krystal would actually walk down the aisle? When they got engaged last season in Paradise, I didn’t think it would last but a few months. Fast forward to a year later, and man was I wrong. Two of Paradise‘s biggest characters tied the knot in front of a host of Bachelor family, including our current Paradise cast. It was cute, it was weird, and it was everything that was Chris and Krystal.

4. Clay + Angela = Drama!

While I never expected Chris and Krystal to last, a couple I did expect to make things work was Clay and Angela, who seemed perfect for each other. So when Clay came to Paradise — having ended things with Krystal — I was confused. Clearly something happened, that was not alluded to. Because Clay isn’t the kind of guy to just dump a girl to go on this show. Well, he is in Paradise, so maybe he is? Anyway, the two reunited at Chris and Krystal’s wedding, where they discussed how they ended things. They want each other to be happy and blah, blah, blah. That wasn’t even the best part. The best part was that — at the very end — Angela walks down those stairs to Paradise with a promise to shake things to the core. Good luck, Clay and Nicole.

5. Caelynn + Connor = Endgame?

What helps heal a broken heart? How about a really hot guy that you were hoping had come to Paradise from the start? While Caelynn was still struggling with Dean’s decision to abruptly break things off with her and leave Paradise, when she laid eyes on Connor, it was like it was a brand new day. Given that Connor was the guy she wanted from the beginning, this timing was just too damn perfect. You go, ABC. The two were super cute together, and Connor seemed like the antithesis of Dean: He wants a relationship about this. Could Caelynn have found her man?

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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