Katherine Schwarzenegger Claps Back With Class

One thing that life has taught me is that I really don’t know anything about what anyone does. I can have a perception of it, but a lot of people’s hustle is on the down low.

Not everyone puts everything front and center, but if you’re paying attention, you can see what is there.

Some people really annoy me because they look at certain people and thin:, “Oh they aren’t doing anything.” But everyone is doing something.

And I have a lot of respect for those that clap back with class.

Katherine Schwarzenegger is one of those people. The woman is not only married to Chris Pratt, but she’s a Kennedy.

So someone decided to make a comment about her lineage.

“Remember when Kennedys used to like, do stuff for society? This one just posts extremely polished selfies that try too hard and look like they take hours to put together, and talks about makeup. I guess ya gotta #stayrelevant.” was the comment that someone decided to leave.

However, Katherine decided to clap back and thank you Comments By Celebs for capturing the response.

“Took the above picture after submitting my final draft of my fourth book (coming soon) and on my way to doing an interview on behalf of shelter animals (my cause of choice) god bless,” Katherine responded.

Trolls beware. You don’t know someone else’s life.

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