‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ 1×09: “Brody Gets Away With Everything”

Oh ,when your life is boring, do yourself a favor and feel better about it by watching The Hills. You’ll be thankful that your last name is not Pratt and that your brother doesn’t worship crystals like they are the only life source.

Look, there are a lot of things that I love about The Hills and a lot of things I hate. This week’s episode wasn’t a strong one – but why? Well, because with this show you expect so much drama, and this week gave us some stability. The drama was minimal, and I know that I should be happy with that, because this are peoples lives we are talking about.

But I don’t watch for the stability.

I watch for the drama.

So here’s the shit you need to know this week.


Do I think that you should talk about your friends relationships? No. Do we? Yes. Especially when they put that shit out there in the open. Brody did with his life.

But there is a difference between talking about it and judging it. And there are so many that are judging the shit out of their relationship. Who the fuck cares who they are or aren’t sleeping with? The point is that they are not sleeping with you.

I think that we didn’t see enough of the talk about their relationship – but I personally don’t care.

However, Ashley talking about them having kids, and why they shouldn’t to Jennifer and Whitney, versus talking to Kaitlynn. Ya, not down.

The thing about this group is that they all live in fear of talking to each other and that’s why they go rounds. Because they don’t know how to communicate.


Audrina has been through a lot and I have to admit, I feel for the girl. And now she’s dealing with bat shit crazy Stephanie.

I didn’t know that Audrina used to have a swimsuit line. But she’s relaunching after taking some time and walking away because of her divorce. And let me tell you, the suits are cute.

She has a launch party at a mansion and everyone who is anyone is there (sorry Justin Bobby and Stephanie – so happy to not have to deal with you). The suits are super cute.

I have mad respect for Audrina. She is following her own way. She’s making sure that she can stand on her own two feet. AND she’s showing her passion, and what following it means to her daughter. I admire the fact that she’s not giving up her life and the things that make her happy – because so many people do. She is making sure that she’s a positive role model.

And I will always applaud that.


Who would have known? I DID. Look, Justin can pull you in with charm, but that boy has more baggage than Audrina ever will. He hides it and people don’t say much about it – because of his charm – but don’t you worry – his shit stinks too.

The man has dinner/lunch with his Dad and his Dad brings up Audrina and asks how things are going there. Justin tells him that they aren’t on the same wave length, and it’s a friendship that is all in the past. His Dad thought that he had a connection with Audrina, but apparently they all were wrong.

Look – here’s the thing – Justin and Stephanie get along so well because they are both shit stirrers. They don’t take responsibility for it, they think they are innocent, but they aren’t. They are guilty as sin.

I don’t buy shit.


It’s not that Stephanie did anything this episode, but she just is bat shit crazy. She takes no responsibility for everything. She talks too much shit. BUT – it is what it is.


Brandon likes to make everything perfect because he doesn’t like people fighting. And I get that. So the issues that Brody and Stephanie have together, Brandon thinks he can make it all better.

But sometimes Brandon, one has to mind their own business.

Only he doesn’t think he does and he brings the two of them together. Now, I am glad that Brody apologized to Stephanie, because the way he acted is inappropriate. You should never ever scare anyone. Stephanie however, did not cop to her part in the entire thing and that’s the frustrating part. Stephanie acts above all.

And she’s just not.

I think that Stephanie needs to get slapped down to size.

But the apology to Stephanie led to Brody and Spencer making up. Do I think that shit will last? No. But hey, lets take it while it lasts.


  • Brandon and Ashley are having issues. SHOCKER.
  • Brandon is going to make up with his Dad, which is good.
  • I am sure that Ashley isn’t as gossipy as she seems.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs on MTV.

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