Cleveland Browns hilariously recreate ‘Friends’ opening

Who says a good promotional team isn’t an integral aspect to a sports franchise? Look no further than the Cleveland Browns social team, who continue to put together sensational content.

First, it was The Office opening, which was so perfect that I didn’t think anyone could top it. That is, until the Browns decided to take on my favorite show ever, Friends.

But this is more than a Friends parody. This is a well-thought-out, perfectly-executed skit, which payed homage to the original Friends opening in the best way.

I took it upon myself to locate all of the details — upon multiple rewatches — that went into crafting what is the greatest Browns video to date.

  • Somehow these six football players — including two offensive linemen — managed to fit on the iconic Friends couch
  • The blink-and-you-miss-it lamp, because your eyes have plenty of other places to go in this video
  • The umbrellas — naturally donned in Browns’ orange and brown. Talk about perfect choreography!
  • THE FOUNTAIN, made of cool-down tubs!
  • Every Brown plays a specific “Friend
  • Jarvis Landry is Rachel (notice that little toss into the fountain as he looks away from the camera)
  • Odell Beckham Jr…I think he’s supposed to be Monica, but I’m not really sure with those moves
  • Joel Bitonio with the little Chandler dance, which for a big guy is finely executed
  • Damarious Randall gets the Joey treatment, as he lounges in the “fountain” with sunglasses and a green juice. Perfection.
  • Denzel Ward also gets the Chandler treatment as he spits out water
  • JC Tretter falls into the “fountain” ala Ross
  • The iconic turning off of the lamp to the perfectly timed soundtrack by the Rembrandts
  • Yes, I’m aware how specifically I still remember those Friends openings to have broken this down like this

BRB, I’m going to watch this a billion more times and wait for more iconic television opens from the Cleveland. Freaking. Browns.

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