5 Things We Want to See in ‘AHS: 1984’

The time for the 80s outfits, music and serial killers in masks that bloody kill everybody on their way, has come! That’s pretty much the newest season of American Horror Story in a nutshell. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk decided to return to classic slashers, the ones that became one of the most important discourses in horror cinema. The idea is known to everybody – camp in the woods, a group of young counselors and hot summer. One would ask, what could go wrong? 

The answer is – a serial killer can. As the first episode, called Camp Redwood, aired last Wednesday, there is very little information known. 

Here’s what we want to see from the new season going forward:

1. The killer that counselors are talking about is Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch). It’s said that the man went rogue and slashed the whole camp of kids while they were sleeping. By the textbook’s definition, he had to claim a trophy. Jingles cut off the ear of each killed kid and hung it around his neck. Although his character is interesting, it would be great to have a plot twist – what if Margaret (Leslie Grossman), the new owner of Camp Redwood and the massacre survivor, is, in fact, a killer?  As far as we all know Murphy and Brad, they like to mess with their viewers. And that just might be the case. 

2. Now, as we talked about Margaret Booth above, we need to highlight another essential thing. If it’s not her, who could be a killer? I would love to see another female serial killer. As far as cult horror films go, we never really had a murderer who happens to be a woman. Unless we count Tiffany Valentine from Bride of Chucky. If Mr. Jingles is only a sick mental patient and wasn’t responsible for the massacre, the woman who did that would be an exciting twist.

3. Can we ask for more Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson)? The main character from season 2, Asylum, would be a great addition to this year’s season. The creators confirmed that this one and AHS:1984 are connected. That would entirely explain the appearance of a fierce journalist who arrives at Camp Redwood and investigates the new murder case.

4. Surprisingly, the creators kept the eighth season a big secret. Apart from the campy style, there is nothing else known. There may be a reason for that. Wouldn’t it be exciting if it turned out that Camp Redwood is actually a television series in a television series? At the beginning of the first episode, all characters are introduced by the name – the scene stops on one of each, then the name appears colored in neon pink. Signature 80s style. That would be an unexpected plot twist. 

Image result for julia and thomas asylum gifRelated image

5. What about returning characters from American Horror Story: Asylum? As fans know, the second season was not only focused on the mental hospital but also aliens. Twenty years later, Camp Redwood could welcome two characters back – Kit’s children, Julia and Thomas. Kit believed that aliens kidnapped both his kids. They are exceptionally smart and unique. I would love to see them return – maybe as counselors?

There are many theories abouAHS:1984. As of now, it’s hard to say what’s true and what’s not, but we can dream of what we want to happen. I believe that Murphy and Falchuk prepared a story full of surprises, twists, and gory scenes. However, I think that things are not what they look like, and we will be shocked at the end. Let’s see if I’m right. 

American Horror Story is streaming on Netflix and Hulu. The newest season can be watched on FX+ and FX.

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