5 Things We’re Hoping For in ‘Chicago PD’s Seventh Season

I’ve loved Chicago P.D since the backdoor pilot some 7 years ago on Chicago Fire. Sergeant Hank Voight is the most ruthless and dedicated boss with some intriguingly questionable work practices, and the Intelligence Unit is the best of the best.

We’ve had our highs and lows with the team and suffered some deeply painful losses, but I feel like the quality of the show has never really wavered. Our officers and detectives grew as police and people, moved up the ranks in deserved promotions, developed relationships that (for the most part) were sincere and earned.

Each season felt more than the last – filled with deeper stakes, more personal stories, stronger connections and I’ve got a feeling season 7 might kill me with stress but I’ll die happy. So, without further ado, here are 5 things I’m hoping for when Chicago P.D. returns!

Adam and Voight Exonerated

While Adam is admittedly my least favorite member of Intelligence, the unit definitely isn’t the same without him. Burzek is a fandom favorite ship (though honestly, Kim could do better – I said what I said) so I doubt Ruzek will stay behind bars for long. There’s already been some dramatic unit shake-ups in recent years and there will be again with Antonio leaving permanently. We can’t lose Adam too. 

Similarly, there’s no way Voight is going down without a fight. It’s going to be agonizing to watch Jay most likely lead an investigation into Kelton’s murder with his sergeant at the top of the suspect list, but Jason Beghe is at the core of Chicago PD’s success as as series. We’ve already seen the ramifications of Voight essentially getting away with murder once – I don’t think show-runners would pull the same bag of tricks twice. We can’t lose him. I just don’t accept that as a possibility. 

More Women

No one was more thrilled than me when Kim Burgess was finally brought up the stairs to join the Intelligence unit full time. (Now if only she and Kevin would take the Detective’s exam!) With Sophia Bush’s exit, I also welcomed Tracy Spiridakos with open arms (loved her in Revolution) as Hailey, who in my humble opinion, is a better partner for Jay anyway. 

(I love Erin, don’t get me wrong. But that ended in disaster for a hundred reasons and we all know it.)

But my ladies are still vastly outnumbered by the men in their unit. I’d love for Antonio’s replacement to also be a woman. Besides Platt, who we don’t even see as often anymore, the last recurring female character was an antagonist for nearly two years and I’m done with that kind of narrative. I think it would bring a really refreshing change in dynamic to the show, and so episodes like Hailey and Kim teaming up wouldn’t be just one-offs to propel an entire story and instead just be a regular norm. 

New Patrol 

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I’ll be honest, I do miss the days of Burgess and Atwater as partners on patrol. How else were we supposed to see Platt all the time? PD, like Fire, does a really good job of giving us a glimpse of what it’s like both at the bottom of the proverbial career ladder and at the top. One of my favorite eps of the show is the one where Kim goes undercover with Nadia (I’m still distraught) to prove herself to the team. I’d love to see a new crop of patrol on the show, especially as they used to brighten up really heavy storylines with a little more light humor. I also just miss Platt truly being That Bitch™️ that we love so much.  

Deeper Backstories and Different Partnerships

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I relish any episode that peels back the intense layers of the fiercely guarded Intelligence Unit. I always want to know more about them, especially outside episodes that involve them going through trauma like Kim’s sister being attacked. I just wanna know how Kevin’s siblings are doing. I wanna know if Jay’s giving therapy another go. I really want to know more about Hailey’s life since she’s newest to the team. I feel like there’s a lot more to her family history that she divulged to Adam – what about the rest of her family? I HAVE QUESTIONS. 

Just like it was a thrill to see Kim and Hailey partner up on a case, I also really hope that the team rotates its standard pairs a little more – maybe the new cast addition(s) will help? I feel like I can’t recall an ep that saw Kevin and Jay really work closely together, or even Kim and Jay. I could go on with however many possible partner permutations there are for the unit. It seems there are any manner of situations or storylines that would us both rich character depth and growth in the relationships within the show. 

Speaking of… 

The Rise of Upstead

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With procedurals like Chicago PD, there’s sometimes a fear that the ‘case of the week’ would interfere with developing compelling characters and relationships, or the opposite – that interpersonal drama seeps into work and becomes the entirety of the show.

That being said, I love the relationship between Jay and Hailey. Their partnership has been built, tested, and strengthened over two years – and it’s honestly time Jay was happy again since Erin left. Hailey doesn’t take his crap and he refuses to be cowed by the walls she’s built around her feelings and private life. Their honesty with one another is so refreshing and even if they never become romantic I just want to see them being there for each other all the time.

Chicago PD is incredibly adept at small emotional beats that pile up into huge payoffs, and season 6 was littered with them between these two. I can’t wait to see where Jay and Hailey end up in this season, whether as partners or in a romance. 

(Who am I kidding I definitely want it to be romantic. Sorry Adam.) 

Chicago PD season 7 premieres Wednesday, September 25th at 10/9C on NBC. 

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