6 Things We’re Hoping for in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 8

I’m going to upfront: Chicago Fire lost me for a little while. I was exhausted by the ongoing drama between Casey and Dawson, and I was intrigued how the news of Monica Raymund’s exit would shake up the show. With the introduction of new key cast members (and a puppy!) and Herman officially becoming lieutenant on another Engine, I was intrigued once again. 

As the eldest of the One Chicago franchise, I do expect more from Fire as it’s had years to surprise and delight us. And also terrify us, which is precisely how I feel going into this year’s season premiere.

1. Everybody Lives/No One Dies

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(aka one of the most beloved fic tags at Archive of Our Own). That’s it. I know that’s a hard ask for a show based on one of the world’s most dangerous professions, but there’s only so much your girl can suffer and she’d really rather keep it to a minimum. The season finale (which I’m currently rewatching as I write this) isn’t exactly comforting either. I refuse to lose anymore cast members. 


He’s too pure for this world. 

(Yes, I’m bringing that back.)

2. A New Candidate

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Speaking of Ritter, I love him, I do. I just really miss the dynamic of a brand new candidate learning the ropes and being taken under the collective wings on Truck and Squad. It’s one of the most interesting parts of the show for me. Obviously Severide, Casey, and the seasoned Truck and Squad know exactly what they’re doing, so there’s hardly any opportunity for “this is why we’re doing this thing” when everyone has to rush headlong into a blazing fire. I also think it would be a great opportunity for any other of the crews to take on a mentorship role – or is that only reserved for Lieutenants and Captain? In any case – GIVE ME NEW BLOOD. 

3. Severide Happy

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My man has suffered enough. Though I may be wrong, I feel like Kelly is the one always being put through the emotional wringer. Herman’s usually dying, Casey’s usually having “lady problems,” and Severide is just getting kicked by life. He and Stella do seem back on track and she’s definitely a great help to bring him to a better place, but I think he has to want that for himself in order for it to stick. I do wonder if the seed’s been planted for an official move to OFI, but I’d hate to see Severide leave the Squad. He’s an incredible leader. He deserves to be a Captain at this point, quite frankly. 

4. Casey and Brett Sealing the Deal

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I did not endure a painfully sweet and organically grown slowburn ONLY TO BE FOILED BY A PROPOSAL. As much as I like Chaplain, I really don’t think the writers and showrunners would’ve spent the time building and teasing Sylvie and Matt only for it to come to nothing. If my nearly 3 decades of television watching have taught me anything, nothing that happens in a season finale is written in stone come the fall premiere. It’s all fair game, people. Of course, I’m mostly concerned with everyone surviving this fire right now, but this ship is a close second. 

5. More Crossovers!

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This is probably cheating a little because it doesn’t specifically have to do with Fire, but I love the One Chicago crossover events. But barring the few-times-a-year mayhem and chaos that usually leaves me deeply stressed for three straight hours, I love the way the lives of these characters intersect in quieter and often more important ways. Severide’s relationship with April and bond with Jay. Sylvie hanging out with Maggie on New Year’s Eve. Boden and Voight doing the ultra-serious “Chief. Sergeant.” thing every time they cross paths. I love how organically all these characters have become so intrinsic to each other’s lives and stories. I just wanna see more of those guest spots please!

6. More Tuesday

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She’s perfect. That’s all. 

Chicago Fire premieres Wednesday September 25th at 9/8c on NBC.


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