Jeffrey Wright Is Heading To Gotham City

If we’re being honest, we’re going to be 100% Batman because Robert Pattinson. And well, everything leads back to Twilight, including us. That’s how we started out.

But how else we started out, well that would be The Hunger Games. And you know we get happy AF when fandoms collide.

Jeffrey Wright is headed to Gotham City.

We loved him as Beetee in The Hunger Games and we’re going to overlook the fact that he was in the travesty of a movie that was The Goldfinch.

Wright is in talks to play Commissioner James Gordon in the latest Batman, entitled, The Batman. The Batman will focus on Bruce Wayne’s formative years.

And we’re excited as fuck for it.

J.K. Simmons played in Commissioner James Gordon in the nightmare that was Justice League. Gary Oldman played Gordon in The Dark Knight trilogy – which if we’re being honest is the only Batman worth mentioning. We’re blacking out over Ben Affleck playing him and praying whomever okayed that travesty.

What do you think of Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon? Are you as excited over the new Batman as we are?


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