6 Things We Want To See In Season 2 Of ‘A Million Little Things’

We learned last season that if you want to cry, you can always count on A Million Little Things bringing the pain. You may never know what is happening, what secrets are being kept, and what they are going to shock us with, but you will learn about the family that you choose.

We have always had so many questions about the show. So many things that we know will unfold, but so many things that we know that the characters may die with. After all, not all secrets are meant to be told.

In the first season, we watched a group of friends deal with the suicide of their friend, John. They are confused, hurt, and quickly realize that they didn’t know him at all. He had spent his life trying to make everyone happy, to make sure everyone was taken care of, because John was living with a guilt that most of us will never understand.

He missed a flight, that his friend was on. A flight where his friend died, on September 11th, 2001.

And we have to admit, that revelation knocked us in the gut.

But with the second season around the corner, we have to talk about the things that we want to see in this season.


The thing about finding love in extenuating circumstances is that you have to wonder, how do you know if it’s real when you don’t have the chaos, the drama, and the pain instigating what is.

For Gary and Maggie the extenuating circumstance has been cancer. We don’t know what it’s like for them, if it bonds them, tears them apart, or if they still feel the same. Do they know each other at all?

They don’t know. But with them moving in together and finding the way that their life is supposed to be or will be – they are sure to go through some ups and some downs. The journey that they will be on to find each other on a whole new level, to really get to know each other, will be something both difficult and beautiful to watch.

And we are in it for the long haul.


Last season we watched Eddie’s entire life blow up on him. He cheated on his wife with his best friends wife. Katherine may be cold and distant, but the thing is – no one deserves what she went through.

However, somewhere along the line, they had to find their way back to each other. It was either to co-exist and co-parent, or to remember the reasons that they loved each other, and find their way back to each other. Either way, I think that Eddie and Katharine’s relationship is of the utmost importance for the sake of Theo.

And to be honest for Delilah, Sophie, and Danny Dixon.

Delilah is about to have his baby and everyone thinks that it is John’s. It’s both difficult and easier to lie. But the thing that I found redeemable about Eddie, after all the shit that he’s done, is that at the end of the day, when he knew there was a chance where his family was going to get back together, he had to tell Katherine the truth.

And I am looking forward to seeing how that affects them and how – if at all – if affects everyone else. I think it will be an interesting and complicated journey.


Rome found shame in knowing that he was depressed and suicidal. He has a good life, but he wasn’t happy. He wasn’t living a life that he wanted to live.

So last season we found Rome journeying through finding himself, getting help, and overcoming the stigma that he felt. We saw everyone else trying to figure out how to be around Rome and how to deal with his issues. But I think that part of what will be great about this season is that they have all grown and learned from the moments.

And Rome has found a strength that he didn’t know that he had.

And it’s going to be a great thing to watch him continue to grow.


Who is Barbara Morgan? We know that she was involved with John’s friend who died. We know that she had his child. But the thing is – I think we have a lot more to learn about Barbara and who she is. I think that it’s too easy for her to not be more complex. It’s too easy for there not to be more to her.

And I want to know who she is and exactly what control she truly has.


Lord, I hate Ashley and I was not sad to see her get on a plane to go off to God knows where. But she needs to come back and face the people whose lives she fucked with. She needs to come back and face the truth. She needs to face the truth about what she’s done.

And until she does – I am going to remain angry as fuck over it.


I know what it’s like to have a parent commit suicide, and Sophie and Danny Dixon have experienced a pain unlike any other. I think it’s uber important that this season, they remember that their father truly loved them. I think it’s going to be a hard season for them – because ultimately the truth about Delilah’s baby will come out.

The truth always does.

I think it will be interesting to see how Delilah handles it, but I hope that she gets past herself and remembers her kids. She needs to remember their pain. She needs to put them first. These two and Theo are the most important people in the Delilah and Eddie affair. Well them, and the baby.

And they deserve to know they are loved.

A Million Little Things returns tonight on ABC.

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