Aunt Freya Is Coming For A Visit

It’s what we have been waiting for!

Look we love Legacies, and we’re all about what is happening. BUT – we miss the Mikaelson’s. We miss that family soooo much.

But it looks like we’re getting some of the family back.

Freya Mikaelson is coming to Mystic Falls.

Riley Voelkel, who played Freya on The Originals, will guest-star in Episode 6 of Legaciesā€˜ upcoming second season, which premieres October 10th, on The CW.

Do we know why Freya is coming to visit? Nope. Though like name the issues going on at the Salvatore School and you’ll find a likely reason that she’s coming. Hope fighting out of Malivore, secret organizations against supernaturals, the merge… like what issue isn’t there a possibility for the most powerful witch in the world to solve?

Are you excited for Freya’s return?

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