Uncle Nicky Is Now A Series Regular On ‘This Is Us’

We’re always ready for anything This Is Us news. We have become so connected to the characters, that they feel like they are our family – our friends. We even have a connection to Uncle Nicky (despite the fact Jack said his brother was dead).

Every week the show is a puzzle that we are trying to solve. What does Nicky have to do with the current Pearson situation (not that we know what that story is)?

This Is Us has upped Griffin Dunne — who plays the adult version of Nicky, Jack’s younger brother – has been upped to series regular.

In Season 3, he was a recurring character.

We know that Nicky is important, because last season’s cliffhanger had him by Rebecca’s bedside in a flash forward. What that meant and the reason that he was there, we are unsure of.

In the season premiere Nicky crossed paths with Cassidy, played by Jennifer Morrison. We have no idea what her role in the series will be either.

This Is Us airs on NBC.

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