‘A Million Little Things’ 2×01: “Coming Home”

Secrets always have a way of bubbling to the surface. I think we have all learned this concept early in life, but we all still think that secrets will stay buried.

But on A Million Little Things, there are way too many secrets and way too many things that are going to bubble to surface.

But that’s kind of the beauty of this show. It’s real. It feels like you are watching people that you know, people whose lives you want to protect, but people that you want to slap a little and tell them that the things that they are doing are just wrong.

Where do I even begin?

The great thing is that A Million Little Things picked up right where it left off. Eddie sitting on the back of the car, telling Katherine his biggest secret, knowing he wants to come home and that his secret can change everything. Delilah is having his baby.

You can see in the moment that Katherine and Eddie are both breaking. They are breaking because though they both want to be together, the pain that Eddie has caused because he had an affair. I can’t even imagine what she’s feeling. Look, I will be the first to say that it’s not the babies fault, but how hard will it be for Katherine to look at the baby and not see the way that she was betrayed.

It’s just not fair to ask her to live with the pain immediately. She deserves to process it in her own time. But what she does, is she is immediately not selfish and tells Eddie to go to the hospital. He needs to be there for that baby, unlike how he was with Theo. Eddie was too drunk to be in that delivery room.

We’ve been given a lot of great news – Maggie and Gary are moving in together, Maggie is cancer free… but this show immediately hits you with the bad news. The news that will make you feel all the things that you didn’t want to feel.


To be honest with you, I thought that the secret that Eddie is the father would stay hidden. But as all the friends gather in the hospital and wait, it’s evident that there is an elephant in the room. And we’re going to find out why in a flashback the day after the baby is born.

Eddie, Rome, and Gary were leaving in order to go get the crib for the baby, when Gary stops them all at the car. He calls Eddie out. See, he’s known the entire time, because two years prior, he drove John to get a vasectomy.

I’ve not always been Gary’s biggest fan, but I admire the shit out of him for keeping his mouth shut. He told Eddie that he didn’t say anything, because he didn’t think he had to.

Eddie goes into the delivery room and he is there for Delilah. And she needs him. And for once this whole part of the story line pisses me off less, because Eddie is finally not a martyr, and can be there. Hell, he deserves to see his daughter born.

Look, I admire Eddie for not wanting to say anything and protect Delilah and John’s kids. But I think at a certain point everyone is going to have to realize what they are doing is hurting them more. I get that they are trying to make sure that they feel secure and don’t hate their Mom – but seriously – the truth comes out.

But for the time being, I will be quiet about it because these kids – this baby is the first thing that has given them hope. The baby, who is named Charlotte, seems to be giving everyone hope.

And right now, it’s what these people need.


Katherine asked Eddie to come home, and he did. But what he didn’t expect is that she would leave.

She would leave him. She would leave Theo.

She just needs time. And she deserves it. Am I mad at her for leaving Theo? Yes. But I also get that Theo is one of the four innocent children in this situation. And he’s so sensitive and so fragile. He’s gone through enough.

But hey, he’s gonna realize that his Mom isn’t home.

And Eddie lies to him. He says she’s away working a case. He tells Theo that it’s a case that he believes that she will win – which hey, I am happy that he thinks she is going to be able to look him in the eye and that they are going to be a family. But do I think for one second that it’s going to last.


Eddie finds out that she’s staying at her Moms and he goes to try and get her to come home. But Eddie, let the woman digest all the lies and the fact your penis led you astray.

She deserves time. And lets be real, Eddie, you deserve to suffer.


Eddie, Gary, and Rome are in charge of getting the crib set up for the baby coming home. They’ve purchased it but when they get to the store to pick it up, it’s not there. They gave it to someone else.

Eddie has a full on freakout, which is expected. This is hard on him. He can’t admit that this is his daughter and he can’t tell Theo, and he can’t bring her a crib. So Eddie and Gary decide that they are going to take the floor model.

Now I am against stealing, but I also get why he did it. Everything seems to be taken away from him and he’s paying the ultimate price.

He is loosing everything.

He wants to be able to give something.

And that has got to be the worst feeling in the world.

So, when you are experiencing pain and emptiness of course you are going to find a way to try and fix it. To fill it. And for him, that’s being there. That’s the damn crib.

So I get it and why he did it.


I know that Barbara Morgan can’t be gone. That would be too easy.

We saw at the end of last season, that her son saw John’s video. I can see why he thinks that means that John is his father, but we all know that he’s not.

He’s made friends with Rome and he’s started to see Maggie as a therapist. No one knows who he is.

Look I can see what he wants to know, that he wants answers for the life that he knows now has been partly a lie. But he’s robbing these people. He’s lying to these people.

He needs help that he’s not getting because he’s not being honest.

And I hope he finds this honesty, but that won’t happen until someone gives it to him.


These two are going to have to learn to coexist and live together.

Because do they know each other? No. They don’t know everything. They are still figuring out everything. And I think for Gary, he’s gotta take a step back from his controlling ways and really be there.

He threw away Maggies meds, because she’s in remission and she was really upset.

Had he known and talked to her, he would have seen that having those, knowing that they were there – was comfort for her. Because she’s living with the fear that cancer will return. She’s living with the fear that at any moment someone is going to tell her that she has cancer again.

And he needed to take that into account.

Gary is a control freak – in my opinion. He wants to be in charge and be there for everyone, but what he’s doing is isolating everyone.

And that’s not okay.

Sure they make up – but I think that the conversation that they had to make up, should have been a conversation that they had prior. It’s just not okay that Gary didn’t think.

Gary needs to bend.


  • I love how the introduced the show and said it’s not a show about their friend dying, it’s about picking up and moving on after
  • When Maggie went off on the lady in the hospital, I straight up cheered.
  • Regina and Rome – I am understanding Rome when he says that he wants them more than he wants kids –  but I don’t think he’s telling the truth. I think it’s going to be the demise of their relationship.
  • John’s jersey in the nursery straight up made me cry
  • The way Eddie told Delilah about Katherine was kinda fucked up. It was like a jab to the heart. Time and place Eddie.
  • Gary getting in the shower with Maggie – it was sweet. Not sexual – just letting her know that he’s going to be there always.

A Million Little Things airs Thursdays on ABC.

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