5 Things We Are Looking for in Season 3 of ‘Seal Team’

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  1. Shaney says:

    I guess we are not reviewing S.3. It’s really a very good show, even if they have changed the dynamics by Mandy’s demotion back to the field, she is still the most underrated character in the series…but there is a new relaxed almost playful Mandy emerging, still brilliantly beautiful, but not so stressed…Jessica Pare doing a great job…I think Jason Hayes has breached her walls, but he’ll never know it, and for a guy who didn’t want any pity when Alana was killed sure brings it up every chance he gets, and by the way They were divorced, why does he and others call her his wife? Facts matter! Jason is a puddle of survivors guilt, and 20 years of ignored battlefield trauma, he does have options which he won’t take advantage of, the new CO Captain Lindell has brought in a Physiologist, to DEVGRU, to help extend the longevity of the battlefield soldier.. played by Emily Swallow, I am sure they will toy with some kind of suggestive romance line with her, no that’s pretty predictable…but I hope she can help Jason, he should also give the Psychologist who’s card he has in his drawer, a call while he’s at it….
    LIsa Davis has usurped Mandy’s role as Intel officer which is a bit of a step, 6 months training vs years, she is having difficulty with the role plus her risky relationship with Sonny, doesn’t look good for them as Ray is aware, and not happy about it…
    The missions are awesome, but Jasons trauma is obvious and we get it…. to belabor the point is to miss the point, and I hope they will now concentrate on his acceptance and acknowledgment of his trauma and move toward managing it.
    The thread that has been woven throughout the series of the bond between Mandy and Jason, with a hint of something more is becoming tiresome, although he is not relationship material at this point, she may do well to just accept the fact that , he is just not into her, and move on… his acknowledgment of the price she paid for saving their lives, and Bravo as a team, was lame, he has become a self centered jackass….

  2. melinda green says:

    Lots of changes from the end of S.2. to going in to S.3. E.5. Mandy is not longer the CIA analyst exclusively for Bravo, she was reassigned for not following the COC, and saving the lives of 6 men, so she is back in the field and will be the Interrogations& field operations officer, for all of DEVGRU, making way for Ensign Lisa dAvis as the new Intel officer for Bravo, with a scant 6 month crash course in intelligence….Mandy is still the most underutilized and undervalued character in the show..
    Jason is a hot mess, we have had 4 pretty intense episodes of his severe battlefield trauma, we get it, to belabor this issue is to lose the point.. he as stored all of the household contents, and is existing in a “cave” as Emma put it… he called her said he was making changes, she came home, to an angry, self pitying, detached Dad, who couldn’t even hug her, she did however point out a few not so well accepted facts to him…good for her! I didn’t see any changes….
    The new CO Captain Lindell is introducing a Physiologist to DEVGRU,she is supposed to help in bringing longevity to the battlefield soldier..Dr. Natalie has introduced herself to Jason he is resentful,I can see the writers toying with a suggestive romance, and maybe he needs a 24/7 physiologist and a psychologist, but anyway she’s gonna get under the hood, and maybe that’s not all…
    The team is also under going some changes, and Sonny and Lisa’s doomed romance is causing some angst too…. I am still,watching, I keep,thinking they are repurposing Mandy’s role, I really miss her, and I think Jason has already breached her walls, but she will never let on. I love her strength, her courage and her quiet resolve, but I think she has placed her love in the wrong guy, he doesn’t see her, he is still in love with the ghost of his ex wife… not a good place to be…. sometimes we have to just accept that ” he’s just not that into you” and move on… she inthe right business she can hide somewhere else.

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