‘The 100’ Adds Some More Eye Candy To The Cast

Hi hot guy from a show I refuse to watch (Siren).

We’re back on our praise of The 100, because let’s all accept the fact that Season 6 of The 100 was remarkable television. With acceptance of that, we can forget about seasons 3-5.

Ya, I went there.

For the final season, they seem to be pulling out all the stops. And by all the stops, I mean casting lots of hot people that will give us eye candy to look at as Clarke whines and pines over Bellamy and while Bellamy does the same over her. Now, don’t you worry, I am totally all in for Bellarke, but I am like wanting to jump into the screen and tell these idiots to make their move.

GIVE US ALL THE BELLARKE. This has been the biggest slow burn, and I am needing a speed up.

But I digress. What am I writing about? Oh ya, hot guy joining the final season.

Chad Rook, who was on that show I was saying I won’t watch, is joining the cast. He will play, Hatch, “a charming Eligius convict who is determined to forge a better life for those he loves.”

My translation – he’s an evil bastard.

Here for it though.

Are you excited for the final season of The 100? What do you hope to see?

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