Victoria Justice Would Be Down For A ‘Zoey 101’ Reunion

I am not the biggest fan of reboots, but I am trying to adapt a new attitude. What that is? Take them all in stride and forget that Hollywood seems to have forgotten that there are people with original ideas out there.

But you know, people seem to be afraid of trying new things and change.

However, selfishly – because it’s something I like – you know I am all for it. Ya, I reserve the right to not judge when it’s something I care about.

What show am I talking about? Well that would be Zoey 101.

Ya, I am just as shocked as you are. But Jamie Lynn Spears is an under rated talent in my opinion, and I loved the straight up cheese factor of that show.

It turns out that Victoria Justice would be open to a reboot too.

“No one has approached me about a Zoey 101 reboot,” Victoria said in an interview with Life & Style Magazine.

But when asked if she’d be interested in a reboot of the show she answered, “Yeah!”

And yes, at that my fangirl heart swooned.

I’d love to see what happened to the characters from the show. You know as long as it’s realistic and good. If someone is going to fuck with my show, I’d prefer they leave it what it is for most – a distant memory.

Would you like a Zoey 101 reboot?

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