5 Things We Want to See in ‘All American’ Season 2

Two of the things that I love most in this world are football and great television. Even better? Television shows featuring football.
That’s the reason I ultimately gave All American a try last season. But I stuck around for so much more. It reminded me of Friday Night Lights in how it was a show about football on the surface, but it was so much more beneath the surface.
All American is the kind of show this world needs right now, as it unapologetically honest in its portrayals of real life issues facing people in this world. It doesn’t try to sugarcoat things because it’s safe and easy. It dives headfirst into the issues that many people face, including racism, substance abuse and familial problems.
Thankfully, we’re just a few short days away from All American‘s return, where its second season is sure to be a good one, especially if this trailer has anything to say about it.

Here are 5 things I want to see in All American season 2:

1. Spencer’s decision — Beverly Hills High or South Crenshaw?

Life is filled with important decisions, especially when you’re a teenager where every decision feels enhanced. For Spencer, he’s faced with the important decision of where to play high school football. While Spencer found success — and himself — playing with Beverly Hills High, he got an enticing offer to return to South Crenshaw, where his dad Corey is now the head coach.
For Spencer, the allure of playing for his father and returning to the place he calls home will be difficult to overcome. But Spencer isn’t someone content with ending up stuck in South Crenshaw for the rest of his life. He wants more out of life, which is why I ultimately believe — be it immediately or somewhere down the line — that Spencer will finish his high school career at Beverly Hills High.

Spencer wants to go pro. And the best way to do that is through a football program — and education — at Beverly Hills High.

2. What’s next for Coach Baker?

Secrets always have a way of coming out, as evidenced by Coach Baker’s spiral in the first season of All American. His personal and professional mess-ups led him to a point in his life where his truths were revealed. Now, he has to own up to his mistakes.
In the season finale, Coach Baker is confronted by his son, Jordan, about his personal and professional screw-ups, and he ultimately leaves a letter of resignation on his desk. He also decided to move in with his father, Willy, to give his wife and children some space following everything that transpired over the course of season 1.
So where will we find Billy Baker when season 2 begins? Is he still the coach at Beverly Hills High? Is he coaching elsewhere? Is he taking a break from football? Has he seen his family since? Billy Baker definitely has a redemption arc to begin this season.

3. When are Olivia and Asher going to get together?

So, let’s talk ships. Because All American was sneaky in how it initially laid everything out. At first, I thought I was supposed to like Spencer and Olivia, which I still kind of do. Their chemistry was undeniable. But then, the show introduced some backstory for Olivia and bad-boy Asher, and the way their eyes bore into each other’s, I was a freaking goner.
Asher is totally into Olivia, and Olivia is definitely into Asher, even if they won’t admit it to themselves. It’s that slow-burn kind of romance that makes you yearn for immediate outcome but also cherish the meaningful development that happens with each moment.
I don’t need Olivia and Asher to get together immediately. But I do want to see the show make it a point to point out to the audience that these are two characters that have complicated feelings for each other. The rest, let it play out. Because it’s going to be oh so good.

4. What’s next for Coop?

One of the more emotional storylines in All American‘s first season was Coop’s falling in with Crenshaw’s gangs. It wasn’t that she wanted to, it was something that was inevitable in Crenshaw. That’s what’s so great about All American, it’s unapologetically honest about its portrayal of the real world and the real issues that good people face.
In the season finale, Coop got some help from Los Angeles Police to set up Tyrone and have him arrested, which was an epic sigh of relief. But it almost felt too easy, didn’t it?
Is Coop really out of the woods? In a trailer for season 2, there was a shot of “Snitch” spray painted on Coop’s locker at school, which makes you wonder if she’s really free of this mess.

5. Who is Spencer’s brother (Dillon)’s birth father?

One of the big cliffhangers that we got at the end of All American‘s first season was the paternity of Spencer’s younger brother Dillon. In the finale, Corey (Spencer’s dad) confronted Grace (Spencer’s mom) with the possibility that Coach Baker could be Dillon’s father. SAY WHAT.
It was an interesting twist considering the show seemed to falsely hint at the possibility that Spencer was actually Coach Baker’s son for the first few episodes of the season. But even then, we knew that was too obvious. And All American isn’t obvious. Funny enough, this storyline came back in a different way.
So who is Dillion’s real father? If it is Coach Baker, how does this affect his relationship with Spencer and his family, as well as Coach Baker’s own family?
All American season 2 premieres Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW.

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