‘This Is Us’ 4×03 Review: ‘Unhinged’

Guys, I love this show. I really, really love this show. Especially in the moments where there’s call backs to past episodes. Let’s just jump right in because I’m overflowing with emotions.

PTSD is no joke but laughter is the best medicine

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The first time we saw Nicky this season, he was throwing a chair through a window at an AA meeting. But this episode gave us everything that led up to that and it was so freaking tragic. So Nicky was actually getting his life on track after he received a card with a photo in the mail. The photo was of baby Jack after he was born. It looks like Kevin sent it to him. And like Kevin, the birth of his great-nephew seemed to motivate Nicky to get counseling and start getting sober. It was working too. Until his doctor got transferred and he got so angry that he went on a bender.

This frustrates me so much about the way Veterans are treated because that was as realistic as it gets. My dad’s a Vet and they’re not always treated with the utmost care that they deserve.

That’s what led to the chair going through the window and Nicky coming face to face with Cassidy.

I find it interesting that Cassidy is starting to play a bigger role in the show compared to the other additions that were brought in at the start of the season. This week, she met Kevin for the first time and it wasn’t exactly love at first sight but I can see the potential. These two look like kindred spirits. If you ask me, though, I think she’s going to get closer to Nicky than Kevin first. I wonder if that’s how she and Kevin start to fall in love. If they fall in love.

Just once, I wish the show was straightforward with us. I don’t want to get invested in another romantic interest for Kevin only to watch her leave at the end of the season.

Callbacks and Parallels

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This episode kicks off the new school year for Randall’s girls. In the past, we watch Randall starting seventh grade as well. It took me a bit to realize he was starting school a few days early and not just a couple hours earlier than his siblings. I’ve never been to private school so I didn’t realize that was a thing.

Randall’s first day isn’t awesome. Neither was Tess’ and Deja’s could’ve been a little better.

So on Randall’s first day, he sneaks his brand new Air Jordans out of the office to wear at school. One of his teachers writes him up for that. Honestly, it was the first day. He could have let it slide. But I understand that this was only a catalyst for what was to come. We know now that Randall gets panic attacks because of his anxiety. But it looks like this was his first one. He calls home and Kevin answers. When Randall asks to talk to their mom to tell her what happened, Kevin tells him that’s stupid and says to wait for him because he’s on his way. Cut to Kevin racing his little bike to the school in order to be there for his brother and the only thing that would’ve made this better is if they did little quick edits between little Kevin riding his bike to get to Randall’s school and adult Kevin running down the streets of New York to get to his brother’s job.

I love that we know where that started. I hope the show has more moments throughout the brothers’ history showing us how Kevin has always been able to calm Randall during an attack.

Representation Matters

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One storyline that hasn’t gotten very much attention is Tess’ sexuality. It does seem like there’s plans to dive into that more this season but so far all we know is that she has not been able to come out to her classmates yet. I can’t wait for Tess to realize that coming out doesn’t have to be this big thing and that she really can just be out like she says.

Deja’s having her own dilemma now too since she finally found out about Mallik being a father. Personally, kudos to Mallik for being upfront from the start. It’s nice to see a positive representation of teen parenthood.

Still, I’m looking forward to Randall finding out about Deja’s interest in him. It should be an interesting storyline for sure.

Workplace Drama sucks!!!

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I’m no stranger to workplace drama. But this episode just proved why Randall is the perfect man for the job he currently has. The man has integrity and loyalty. That’s going to translate well with his constituents and anybody that doesn’t get that should not be working in politics. I cheered so hard when he fired his secretary. Bye Felicia! Don’t let the unhinged door fall on you on your way out!

Jack also had a bit of drama of his own. He made a huge mistake at work and got fired. Lucky for Jack, Miguel is a top dog at their job because he literally saved his buddy’s job. Listen, I know we hated Miguel for marrying Rebecca but I’m way past that by now. Let’s give credit where it’s due. This was a heroic moment for Miguelito!

Weight Loss and the Daily Struggle

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Let’s just throw this one out there. I’m a fat girl. I’ve always been heavy so Kate’s storyline has always resonated with me more than others. She finally found out that Toby is getting in shape while she’s just getting heavier. As tough a blow as that was, Kate was able to cry about it and boss up right away. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Especially at the very end of the episode when she decides to start walking around the block with her new neighbor. But I am glad this new neighbor told her about his own struggles. They weren’t fast friends but it turns out the two have a mutual understanding and can probably help each other out in the long run. Kate needs to understand that Toby losing weight does not affect her day to day in any way. So after a few tears, she decided to make a change. Hey! It’s a start!

I’m happy for Kate. I hope she keeps going. This doesn’t mean I’m not still worried about her health though. We still don’t know where she is in the future.


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  • I love how Beth asks her daughters about their day. I cracked up.
  • Randall and Jae-won’s friendship is beautiful. Especially if you remember how they started out. So to think that secretary tried getting our boy Jae fired is a joke. I won’t lie though. I was worried when the episode cut to commercial in that scene.
  • Jack and Miguel’s friendship became more solidified and I can see why they loved each other. Miguel lost his brother in that fire and sometimes we forget that.
  • Nicky is becoming one of my favorite side characters and I’m really rooting for him.
  • Do I ship Cassidy and Kevin yet? Ask me at the end of the season because the jury is still out on that.
  • Little Kevin is the MVP of this episode, which is rare.
  • Kate’s weight struggles are my own and I honestly wish someone had taught her healthier habits growing up. The scale is your enemy.
  • I like the bitter neighbor. I think he and Kate will be good for each other.
  • If Toby has an affair cause he’s getting fit, so help me God I will riot on this show!
  • When are we going to see more about future Jack? I was really invested in that love story already!

Catch This Is Us Tuesdays at 9PM on NBC. Here is the trailer for next week’s Beth-centric episode. I can’t wait!!!

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