Harry Styles Lights Us Up in New Video

This weekend has jumped into high gear, and we have Harry Styles to thank.

After cryptic billboards appeared all over the world with the phrase ‘Do you know who you are’, eagle eyed fans noted the telling TPWK and Capitol Records logo at the bottom. No other information, no clarification, nothing else was released from the label or Harry himself, other than a single, frenzy inducing tweet with a single word.


Well, he did, and we are reeling. With little to no notice, Thursday found social media bracing for what was to come as music streaming services toted a new HS single coming today, Friday. But that wasnt all. It was a song, and video, all released with little lead up. Usually artists use the time before an official release to hype up their fans with promotions, teasers and the like. But it seems Harry is going beyond that, being his cryptic and enticing self.

‘Lights Up’ is all about having sex and feeling sad, at least according to Harry. And the video certainly gives off that vibe as the heartthrob is shirtless and gyrating with lucky gals and guys in what can only be described as a psychedelic orgy of beautiful people. The lucky video participants were treated to a shirtless Harry, sweaty and stunning, running their hands over him, one licking him, and all sorts of eye popping sexuality. The video is nothing short of a turning point, moving away from the boy band, clean cut, virginal mentality that follows the One Direction brand, and turning up the sexuality on Harry Styles the solo artist. He is no longer branding himself as merely wholesome, or turning a blind eye to his sexuality and appeal, and in this case, is thrusting it chest first onto the screen.

Fans were able to take part in the lead up thanks to doyouknowwhoyouare.com, a website that allows fans to get ‘personalized’ encouragement notes from H.

Fans blew up social media in the hours that followed the videos release, all seeming to share the same sentiment. Harrys body is bare, but his soul is glitter.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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