‘Legacies’ 2×01: “I’ll Never Give Up Hope”

Lord, Legacies is back and it came in swinging at your feels and making you miss The Vampire Diaries and The Originals a little less. Why? Because this show stands on it’s own and makes you think about the characters in the show. You’re not thinking about anything watching this show other than what’s going on in this show.

Well that is unless they bring it up.

I’m starting with unpopular opinions because why the fuck not. I have such strong feelings when it comes to CW shows – probably a lot stronger than I should. But I am not going to apologize for that. What I am going to do is sit my ass on the couch and watch my shows and LIVE FOR THEM.

So you want to know my unpopular opinion about this episode.


Ya, I went there. BUT – I am not going to apologize for it. Let’s talk about it and more things that people probably don’t agree with.


I love MG. I think that he’s this innocent baby that needs to be protected. He’s hurt, he’s misguided and he just wants to be loved.

But this episode did him dirty. Why? Well MG went home with Kaleb for the summer and I can appreciate that Kaleb took him home. I mean those two have gone through a lot of shit and those two would not be who you would think would become family.

But here’s why I am pissed. Because MG deserved to show his pain, his anger, and his loneliness over his fam issues. BUT nope, we’re left with let us be happy and barbecue. FUCK THAT.  I legitimately don’t care about a steak (though I really do love steak), but I do care about MG. So why the fuck could they not give us more to him? He’s not just some vampire. He’s a kid that you can relate to and love.

Look, fully aware of the fact that there is a season to go and they can’t give us everything upfront. BUT they could have given us something more than a storyline that is like meh at the most.

The one thing I give them credit for with MG is when he met a girl, you saw that he was feeling something for the first time in a long time and I wanted to cheer for him. Predictable that girl is Kaleb’s sister, but whatever.

What I don’t like at the same point is that in order to get MG to move on from liking one girl, Kaleb is like lets offer up helping him get Lizzie. I get that this shit happens in life, but like REALLY?

I am 100% for MG and Kaleb being friends. I am 100% for MG being happy. BUT – I think that they could have done a better job at MG’s “best summer ever.”

AND I think with Kaleb being home it would have been a good chance to get to know something about him to make him feel like more than a character.



Malivore looks like a sound stage that the electricity went out on. Ya, don’t know what I was expecting, but like that wasn’t it. However, there is a purpose for everything and sometimes my judgement is premature, but there definitely is the soundstage feel.

Hope went into Malivore to destroy it. BUT what she didn’t do was that. She failed.

Malivore is supposed to be this isolating place where you are alone and left to yourself, but Hope being there as opened the cages and the first person that she see’s is Ryan. Now we all know that Ryan is Landon’s brother and is the worst brother ever. My brothers appreciate the fact that I have found someone – that even though he’s fictional – acts shittier than they do.

Ryan is a manipulative shit. He claims that he wants to get away from his Dad, but he just wants to get whatever gets him ahead.

Sure, Hope casts a spell to keep him away from her, but then recognizes that she’s going to need him (only we find out that she doesn’t). I guess being trapped there with someone is better than being alone.

Ryan is a liar and after all the monsters start appearing that she’s going to have to fight, but she figures out that Malivore is trying to expel her. SO – she casts a truth spell and finds out that all of the vortex’s that keep opening are actually Malivore trying to get her out. Ryan’s been hanging onto her every single time it opens hoping he’ll be expelled with her.

And that’s when one opens again.

And Hope takes that as her chance to escape, not taking him with her. She needs to go back. She needs to get to her friends. The only thing is she’s erased her existence.


I miss Raf. I truly do. Sure, he’s still there – just you know, a werewolf who can’t change back to human form. I get it. He’s going through some shit.

And Landon, he won’t desert him. Raf has never deserted him. He’s there – burning food and trying to make sure that Raf can eat.

But Landon, well, he’s going through some shit. He keeps killing himself, because when he dies, he sees things that are buried in his mind. He sees flashes of Hope, even though he doesn’t know who he is seeing. He just knows that there is something deep within him.

When Josie catches him hurting himself and they call each other out on their shit, I admit I cheered. Like both of them are such co-dependent people that I want them to not be, but I still see them being that way with each other. Like I get that they are happy – I love seeing them happy. I am loving this relationship and the way that for the first time in a long time they both seem a little bit at peace.

BUT – I hate the way that they are isolated from everyone else. I hate the way that they are going to have to explain themselves to everyone. I hate that they are going to be put in that situation.

I feel like they both deserve more.

I know that as much as I am loving them, I am saddened by it, because ultimately, he’s gonna remember Hope and someone is going to get hurt.

And that’s not okay. I know, I know – it’s life. BUT it doesn’t mean I have to like it.


I know that I am one of the only ones that feels this way, but I am all for Uncle Kai making an appearance.

Josie has been in her Dad’s ass, trying to figure out what the ascendant is. And she believes him when he says he doesn’t know. Until Landon tells her she thinks he’s lying.

And that’s when she finds out about Kai and him being locked away in a prison world. That’s when she finds out what happened to her mom.

I love that they set up for Kai’s possible return, because as sick and twisted as he is, I really really think he would be a good addition to the show for a hot second. Like tie up the storyline. TIE UP WHAT WAS LEFT OPEN.

I know people may not want him there, but like give me the drama.


Hope is back and no one remembers her. So hey, I get her want to leave town. BUT, when she has her conversation with the Landon who isn’t Landon, my heart breaks.

I want her to stay.

I know that she’s filled with regret, but like biotch, you did what you did. Own it. But get your life back. GIVE US BACK HOPE.

Hope has been through enough and I need a happy ending. Her and Landon belong together, even if for a second I am okay with Landon and Josie together. I’m in this for the long haul.

When she asks Landon if he’s happy and he can’t answer, I broke. Tears fell like no other.

She deserves to be happy. He deserves to be happy. But Hope needs to realize being a martyr isn’t going to do anything for everyone.


  • Lizzie being away with Caroline and acting like all was okay, but then when she admitted she was getting help. Well, I was proud of Lizzie. I just felt like she shouldn’t have felt shame over getting it.
  • Raf – I need him to come back.
  • No shocker that Ryan offered to come back and destroy Hope. Good luck asshole.

Legacies airs Thursdays on The CW.


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