‘A Million Little Things’ 2×03 Review: “Mixed Signals”

I swear, it’s like the writers of A Million Little Things have stock in tissue sales because holy crap was last week’s episode an emotional one and there doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Grab your Kleenexes, hydrate and let’s dive into the five things you need to know about last week’s episode, “Mixed Signals”.

1) A friendship for all ages – Dary? Ganny? Garny? Whatever it is, we love it!

Gary and Danny’s friendship makes my heart soar! I absolutely love every single thing about it. From their ridiculous inside jokes, to their deep, meaningful conversations, they instantly bring a smile to my face. For a man who swore the bachelor life, he’s doing an amazing job at being a supportive boyfriend and caring uncle. He’s going to make a brilliant dad one day and I really hope we get to see that unfold on the show. He can calm Danny down in an instance, bring a smile to Sophie’s face and has gotten Maggie to open up in ways she never would have imagined. Gary continues to grow and change every episode and it’s so pure and organic and it warms every bit of my soul.

2) Was it a date or not? Honestly, we don’t care.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t bring myself to care about whether Delilah and Andrew were on a date or not. Every week, it’s the same crap with her and its just exhausting. For everything this show gets right, Delilah is the one part it does wrong, in my opinion. Delilah has all the makings of an amazing character yet she continues to play this weak, broken woman who cares too much about what everyone else thinks and how they see her. She needs to own her mistakes and grow from them yet she chooses to live in them and have them dictate her entire life. I’m just so tired of seeing the same thing with her week after week. Come on, Delilah, be better!

3) Regina and Rome continue to show us why they’re soul mates

The relationship between these two has been strong from the pilot and it continues to flourish in a beautiful way. While Rome does still struggle to let Regina all the way in sometimes (i.e. his conversations with P.J.) for the most part, his walls have come down and he isn’t afraid to talk about the hard things with his wife. Last week’s episode saw them both no longer wanting to hide their pain and pasts. Regina chose to attend the benefit for the women’s shelter that she donated money to and Rome decided he wasn’t going to change his script or story for anyone. While their growth as a couple has shaped them into a better team, their individual journeys are what makes them truly strong. They continue to fight for each other with everything they have and the only thing I could see stopping them is the resurfacing of a possible baby. I do see this coming back and I hope that with all the progress they’ve made, they can come to a decision that leaves them both happy and in love.

4) A kiss that made us squeal with delight!

Thanks to the mastermind that is little Theo, Eddie and Katherine found themselves alone and on a date. It was effortless and real and reminded me so much of the flashback scenes we got of their early relationship. They looked happy with each other, truly happy. I wish that they could stay in the little bubble they’ve created for each other but as next week’s trailer shows, Katherine finally will come face to face with Delilah since baby Charlie was born. I feel like for every step Eddie and Katherine take forward, they take seven steps back. It seems that they never get a break so getting to see them on a date this past week was a breath of fresh air. I really hope that the upcoming events will not further tear them apart and that they will continue to grow and lean on each other. I’m really rooting for these two!!

5) This relationship is a MOTHER!

Poor Maggie, I can’t even imagine what she’s feeling. The already strained relationship between her and her mother has only been made worse by Patricia’s apparent affair with a much younger man. And to make matters even worse, once Maggie tries to give her mom one more chance at their relationship, her mom shows up to brunch with her new boy toy! Maggie has been through a lot and has quite the wall built up around her heart and it’s apparent that her mother is at the center of a lot of her emotional insecurities. I’m glad she is confiding in Gary though and not closing herself off from him. Like I’ve said before, Gary has become a rock for her and if the previews are any indication, she’s going to be leaning on him big time coming up!

See the preview for the upcoming episode, “The Perfect Storm” below. A Million Little Things airs Thursday on ABC.

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