Four Upped To Series Regulars On ‘Dynasty’

Dynasty is really, truly a guilty pleasure. Only I don’t feel so guilty watching it, I feel like I am getting all the drama I need to satisfy my drama cravings.

Let’s be real, even though we all claim to hate drama, we all love a little bit of it in our lives.

Dynasty has set some new series regulars and they are bringing all the drama.

Adam Huber (Liam Ridley) and Sam Underwood (Adam Carrington) are the first two that have been promoted.

Adam plays Liam, Fallon’s love. If you watched the season premiere, you see that Liam wakes up from a coma and he doesn’t remember Fallon. Instead, he remembers the girl he loved before her. Fallon looks broken and we feel for her. Liam and Fallow balance each other out and are perfect together.

Sam plays Adam, Fallon’s brother, the long lost Carrington. Adam is straight up a creepy psycho and is trying to control all the situations, but the only thing he does is makes a mess of everything for everyone. Adam wants his Dad’s approval so desperately that he tricked his brother Stephen into thinking he’s crazy. Stephen is currently in a mental hospital in France.

Michael Michele (Dominique Devereaux) and Daniella Alonso (Cristal Jennings) have also been added as series regulars to the cast.

Michael plays Dominique, Blake Carrington’s half sister, who is obsessed with money and power – so much at the sacrifice of her relationship with her children, Jeff and Monica. Dominique is a straight up bitch.

Daniella is taking over the role of Cristal Jennings. She’s a favorite of ours, because she was on One Tree Hill and well, lets be honest, they will always come first for us.

Are you a fan of Dynasty? What are you hoping happens this season?

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