What The ‘All American’ Characters Would Dress As For Halloween

Today is Halloween and if you’re like some people, you’ve had your costume picked out for weeks or months.  I’m here to tell you I am not one of those people.  I did however put together a list of the type of costumes I think the kids from All American would wear.   If you’re still unsure of what to dress as for Halloween, this list may even be of some assistance.  Happy Halloween!

Spencer & Layla

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Costume: Beyonce and Jay-Z

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Vanity Fair

I feel like a couples costume is definitely Layla’s speed so I could see her wanting to do one with Spencer. They are like the Beyoncé and Jay-Z of their school.  They are both from very different backgrounds and their romance was so unexpected.


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Costume: Erik Killmonger from Black Panther

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Jordan has been feeling himself lately so Erik Killmonger from Black Panther seems right up his alley. Plus, he would take any excuse to show off his body.



Costume: Flower Child AKA Hippie

Olivia is a bit of a free spirit and doesn’t follow any particular mold so I think she would go with something simple like this.



Costume: Vampire

I know it’s cliché but Asher has been so consumed with staying focused on football and being his best, that I think he would throw something together last minute.  I feel like a Halloween party isn’t really on his mind but someone possibly Olivia would get him to go.   A vampire costume is pretty basic so I think that’s the direction he would go.


Daniel Ezra and Bre-Z in All American (2018)

Costume: Nipsey Hussle

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Coop loves music, especially hip hop. She’s a fan of Nipsey Hussle so I think she would probably put together her own version of a Nipsey Hussle costume to pay tribute to him.



Costume: Spencer

That’s right, I said Spencer.  Dillon looks up to his big brother so I honestly could not see him dressing up as anything other than him.


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TV Fanatic

Costume: Goddess or Queen

I could totally see Patience dressing as a Goddess of some sort. She has a very eclectic style so it would suit her perfectly.

What do you think the characters of All American would dress as?

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