AV Geiger Thrills with ‘Scared Little Rabbits’

We all love a good thriller. Whether it is a TV show, movie, or novel, being led to the edge of our seat, our minds conjuring endless possibilities to answer the questions placed in front of us are all part of incredible story telling. The chance to be wowed, to be shocked, and to play detective in a myriad of worlds and settings is the proof of a truly skilled writer.

AV Geiger is such a writer.

With two page turning, seat gripping previous novels in Follow Me Back and Tell Me No Lies, Geiger follows up the duology of Tessa and Eric with another intellectually thrilling tale. Geiger has the uncanny ability to incorporate the lives of teenagers and the current world of technology to merge into a psychological mind twister that makes you unable to even consider putting the book down.

As for me? I finished it in one day.

Scared Little Rabbits brings the shy, reclusive Nora into the prestigious world of Winthrop Academy and their exclusive coding summer program. Not without skills, but seriously lacking in self confidence and assurance, Nora not only has to navigate unfamiliar social territory, but the sexy and enticing Maddox and his uncanny ability to make her feel seen.

But, of course, no Geiger tale is complete without technology and a villain. In this case, you get Eleanor, and her twist on the already popular InstaLove app, turning the Match.com meets Instagram sensation into a virtual reality realm.

Here is the blurb, since I am sure I’ve already peaked your interest.

When Nora gets accepted into her dream summer program at the prestigious Winthrop Academy, she jumps at the chance to put her coding skills to use. But then a fellow student goes missing—and the tech trail for the crime leads back to Nora. With no one else to trust, Nora must race to uncover the truth and clear her name…or she might be the next to disappear. – Goodreads

Beyond the incredibly creative and original world of InstaLove that Geiger has created, the technical perfection of the world of coding brought onto the page in a natural and easy way, the characters are so relatable you feel you are walking in their shoes through the hallowed halls of Winthrop.

Nora, her brilliance, her passion for the art of coding, matched against her natural inclination to feel….out of sorts. To compare herself to others, to never feel like she quite fits. The backend of apps and sites make perfect sense to her, but people? Not so much. Nicknamed ‘Lowercase’ the very first day of the program certainly doesn’t help her confidence. But she must learn to balance the personal with the technical if she wants to make it out of Winthrop Academy alive.

Maddox, while bearing the weight of Eleanor’s power over him, still doesn’t hold back when it comes to his interest in Nora. He gives her the strength to work for what she wants, and her first real chance at something more than friends.

And of course, the villain in popular, rich Eleanor, the namesake of Winthrop and quick enemy of Nora is everything you could want in a bad girl. She assumes her parents money and power can control those around her, including Maddox, and that no one can challenge her. Only, she has a secret that she wants to reveal…but it has to wait until just the right moment, and sweet Nora may be getting in the way of Eleanor getting what she wants.

Each character has their own secrets, their own motives, and with each turn of the page, you consider yet another possibility of what is about to happen and who is at the helm of it all. When a fellow student goes missing, all eyes turn to Nora, and she has to race against time and those who believe her guilt to prove her innocence before it is too late. Told through various POV’s, with diary entries hinting at a big reveal on the horizon, the Maker Fair holding the students futures in the air, and hints at each character’s part in a bigger plan, Scared Little Rabbits is a masterful tale of teenage life while perfecting the art of the code.

Well done AV Geiger, you’ve done it again.

Scared Little Rabbits is out December 3, 2019. Be sure to preorder your copy now!

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