A ’13 Reasons Why’ Star Joins The Cast of ‘Panic’

Lauren Oliver is a talented author. One that we’re excited for anything that she puts out, that we actually pre-order (don’t kill us other authors of the world for not pre-ordering).

Panic was one of those books that we were first in line for. And we’ve been excited that Amazon is developing into a series.

13 Reasons Why‘s Bryce Cass has joined the cast of Panic and is set for a pretty major role. Panic is about a small town in America where graduating high school seniors enter a competition that they believe is their chance to escape. The game is highly illegal, but the money that is at stake gives them all a reason to want to play.

Cass will play Adam Lyons, a goofy graduate who is part of Ray’s friend group. He is the type of guy who doesn’t take anything too seriously and though a lot of times that can be troublesome, but for Adam this may help him in the game.

Panic received a full season order and marks Amazons first foray into the YA genre.

We’re anxious to see it. Are you excited for Panic?

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