‘This Is Us’ 4×06 Review: ‘The Club’

This episode reminded me why this show is so great with their reveals. You always think it’s going to go one way and it never does. Let’s jump to it because I’m super late posting this week.

Learning to play the game

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Although a lot happened in this episode, this week was all about Randall so he’s going to get more than one gif in this posting. He deserves it.

After he’d missed a couple meetings with another city official, Randall knew he needed to get in the boys club fast. Especially if he wants to make any real change in his community. This week, he suggested a golf game to get close to the other council men. But Randall says he’s terrible at golf so why he would want to try to fit in playing a game he sucks at, I have no idea.

This entire plot was juxtaposed with Jack spending a day on the golf course with Rebecca’s dad, who I still don’t like. I want to believe he comes around eventually but I don’t think he ever did. Which really sucks because Jack Pearson was an incredible husband and father in his life.

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Anyway, so Randall is totally striking out on the golf course. But that somehow works in his favor. Because he suddenly goes from being a total outsider to being part of “the club”. Ha, get it? This show is so not subtle with their titles.

Eventually, by the end of the day, the councilman that didn’t even care to hear his proposal is making plans for the two of them to meet later that week. Whatever Randall was doing worked, which is super weird. Until you get to see the whole picture.

It turns out Jack is the one who taught Randall how to golf, despite hating the game because he never felt like he fit in.

That doesn’t mean he didn’t learn a lesson. It’s a lesson he passed on to his son.

Sometimes, in life, you have to learn to play up to the competition. And other times you’ve got to learn to play down. Randall was playing down to win over his colleagues. Because he actually an incredible golf player. And that right there was the best lesson this show has ever taught us.

The orgasm heard around the world

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So, THAT happened. Not that we didn’t see it coming a mile away. We knew it’d get to that point eventually but I almost feel like the fact that it happened so quickly might be their downfall.

Cassidy is still going through a lot with her soon to be ex husband and Kevin is still figuring out this sobriety thing.

But I like Jennifer Morrison a lot and I adore Justin Hartley, so if Kevin is going to end up with anyone, I want it to be someone played by an actress I like.

I ship it but I’m also still on the fence. I think real life has kind of made me super jaded and this show is about as real life as it can get.

Let’s see how far this goes.

And how awkward was that when Kevin found Nicky in his trailer. Hey Nick, there’s boundaries you should be adhering to, buddy!

You really don’t want to walk in on your nephew getting laid.

Kate and Toby are ok-ish for now

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I really expected this show to go a completely different direction with them. On the one hand, I actually really thought this would be the start of their relationship falling apart. But I think that would be too easy and super unfair to their history together. It would also make Toby look like a total douche if suddenly he was no longer attracted to his wife anymore because he lost a little bit of weight.

I actually am starting to think Kate is going to die. And I know a lot of you think that might be too obvious but let’s face facts, it’s a strong possibility if she doesn’t get her weight under control.

It might also explain the fact that Toby is heavy again in the future. Only depression would lead him down that path. And losing Kate and having to raise Jack on his own, would certainly cause him to become depressed again.

I hate to put this out there but I’m putting it out there. Kate’s going to die. Watch.

It would even explain why Toby wasn’t going to be at Rebecca’s bedside with Randall called. And how Randall told his brother in law that she would want him to. She, who? She, Rebecca, doesn’t make sense. Nope, I bet he was talking about Kate who’s no longer around. Damn it, I just made myself super sad.


Source: https://livelovecaliforniadreams.tumblr.com/
  • One of my favorite scenes was when Kate tried to make a gesture to Toby and she cut into his good pants instead of his “fat” pants by accident.
  • The early beginnings of Jack’s alcoholism started to show.
  • Jack got a serious lesson is civics because there’s nothing I hate more than when a white person says “I don’t see color”.
  • Even Rebecca knows her father is the worst. I really hope he turns a new leaf like his other beloved small town character.
  • Cassidy and Kevin’s kiss was super steamy but should they have slept together?
  • The moment that they reveal Randall knew how to golf all along. What a triumphant reveal!

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