‘Last Christmas’ Movie Review: It Should Have Just Stayed A Song

I walked into Last Christmas expecting that I was going to be able to feel happiness, cause Christmas movie – and love – because Romantic Comedy. I have been looking forward to this movie since it was announced, and since we were all told that Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding would be starring in it.

What could be better?

Well, a lot.


The premise: Katarina (played by Clarke) has all sorts of issues. She’s living life hard and making no apologies for it. She’s going nowhere quickly and she’s got a total disregard for life. Her family drives her insane, she’s working a dead end job, completely selfish, making all sorts of mistakes, and she’s in need of some serious help that she won’t get. Queue handsome stranger that is a little weird, likes to look up, and reminds her about living her life. He changes her life for the better because of their interactions.

She moves home. She helps her parents. She volunteers at a homeless shelter and puts together a fundraiser. She starts doing good at her job.

Only Tom (the handsome stranger) isn’t always there. He comes and goes and shows up at the weirdest times. But for Katarina, he’s always there when she truly needs him.

Kate is a hot mess and needs to get her shit straight.

But when she does, when she see’s that life with Tom is changing her she heads out to find him – only to find out that Tom passed away. Not recently, but a year ago. The same day that Kate almost died.

The same day that she finally realizes that Tom is worth fighting for and goes to his flat, she finds out that this entire time, he’s been a ghost. See, when he died, she got his heart in a transplant.

The premise is heart warming. It has potential and could have been the most amazing Christmas romantic comedy. But it fell hard and flat.

And that physically pains me to say.

Like, it hurts.


It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t romantic. And it definitely felt like it wasn’t a holiday movie – just had Christmas tossed in there, and an elf costume.

I get that the point of some of it was to celebrate George Michael’s music and I will be one of the first to say that we all should be influenced by his genius. But what George did, and what the writers of this movie did are two different things, and one is not a genius.


Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding are both amazing actors, but have absolutely no on screen chemistry. It’s almost painful to watch them as it feels forced, and sometimes just flat out weird. The ending was supposed to be the twist, but it was poorly executed and explained, and left me asking myself what just happened and why.

Last Christmas had potential. Potential that wasn’t reached. And that’s just sad for a movie that had such amazing talent.

Don’t waste your money in the theater. Wait for this movie on Netlfix or Hulu or whatever. It’s not worth the trip.


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