Fangirlish Gift Guides 2019: Gifts To Get The Traveler In Your Life

Where did 2019 go? To be honest, I don’t have the faintest clue. It’s been the longest year, filled with so many ups and downs, but hey – we’ve all survived.

So today starts our gift guides, and we’re here to help you decide what to get the people in your life, by looking at a bunch of shit we can’t afford, as well as stuff we can.

Over the past year, I have done a lot of traveling, and to me good travel stuff is important to making everything comfortable. I have the things that I can’t travel without, the things that don’t matter and the things that I dream about. With so many of us wanting to see the world these days, lets talk about what to get the traveler in your life.

What is it: BEIS backpack

BEIS was started by Shay Mitchell, who you all may know from Pretty Little Liars. I am addicted to BEIS, but especially their travel backpack. If you are like me, you need to be organized when traveling – to know where everything is, and be prepared for everything.

The backpack has a compartment for everything.

But what I love also – if you are like me you need a space for holding an extra set of clothes, which this one does. I am way too afraid that the airline will loose my luggage.

And the best part – the trolley sleeve for when you are tired of carrying it.

BEIS can be bought HERE. 

What is it: BEIS Makeup Case

Yes, I am still on that BEIS train.

Because I love, love, love their makeup case.

It’s roomy.

It’s got a removable brush holder.

It’s stylish.

It fits in my BEIS backpack.

BEIS Makeup Case can be bought here. 

What Is It: Compression Socks

Flying is fun, but it’s also the biggest pain in the ass. If you’re like me your legs swell up like you are nine months pregnant and it is painful as fuck.

Compression socks have changed the name of the game for me.

FIG has some really cute socks that don’t make me feel like I am my Grandma and just trying to keep vericose veins from popping out of my legs.

It is comfortable AF and these, along with a lot of water on flights makes me feel sooo much better.

Get your socks HERE. 

What is it: Cashmere Travel Set

Look, I am a bougie mutha fucker and I make no apologies for it.

Sp I like Cashmere.

I like shit that feels soft and like butter on my skin. I also will not apologize for wanting to spoil myself. So – if you are wanting to spoil the traveler in your life, then lay down the $360 bucks for the 100% pure cashmere blanket, socks, eye mask & carry case.

I mean hey, I don’t trust blankets and pillows on planes, so this works.

You can order yours HERE. 

What is it: Blackout Sleeping Mask

Here’s the thing about planes or new places – you never know what the light situation is. And if you’re like me you need a blackout dark place to be able to sleep.

But if I am going to have something on my face – this needs to be silky smooth.

I need to be comfortable.

The SHHH Silk mask is comfortable as fuck. I love it – because it’s so soft and I forget that I am wearing it half the time.

And even better it blocks the light.

The elastic band expands and can fit even the biggest of heads. And I know, because mine is pretty damn big.

Buy yours HERE. 

What Is It: Rose Quartz Roller

I am one of those assholes that goes to town with self care on travel. Traveling is hard on your body – at least it is on mine. The climate in a million different places can screw with my skin.

And gravity is already doing enough dragging me south.

So I have my sheet masks and my Rose Quartz Roller.

Airplane air is harsh. Different climates are harsh. I need to be moisturized and fight everything that could had happen at anytime.

One of my favorite things about the Rose Quartz Roller is that it’s cold on my skin and feels refreshing.

I like refreshing.

Get your Rose Quartz Roller HERE. 

What Is It: Neck Pillow

I will be the first to admit that this shit looks ridiculous, but it’s comfy. And in traveling, comfy is the name of the game.

And it is MEMORY FOAM.

360º natural ergonomic neck support, easy to carry, fits in a travel bag so it’s easy to toss in a bag.


I am in love. Well, my neck is. But you get the point.

Get yours here.

What is it: Collapsable Water Bottle

I think a majority of us want to do better with the environment. I do.

I love to have my own water bottle with me so I can always have and refill. Que Water Bottles makes it easy, are compact, and make it easy to throw in my bag.

And traveling is all about space.

Collapsible.  Fashionable. Reliable.

Get yours here. 


What is it: Travel Adapter

Wherever you are, you must always come prepared.

When I travel internationally, I like to make sure I am always prepared. And for me – that makes sure having a travel adapter. Well, I have quite a few of them.

And I am okay with the fact that TSA always asks me how many things I need to plug in.

It’s like don’t judge me. A bitch needs to be prepared.

The easiest thing to do is to get a worldwide power adapter. Trust – the travel lover in your life will thank you eventually. And if they don’t, they don’t know a good thing yet.

Get yours HERE. 

What is it: Travel Journal

I don’t know about you, but I love to keep journals. I love to write things down and I love to be able to go back and read about how I felt about something.

Especially when I am traveling.

A travel journal makes a great present, because people may not realize it yet, but they will. And they will thank you one day. I sometimes look back on my journals and it instantly transports me to that place and I absolutely feel everything that I felt at that moment.

It’s like a smell.

It can just remind you.

Get yours here. 

What is it: External Batteries

It’s so hard to travel, because in todays world we are all tied to technology. Doesn’t matter where you are – you are tied to electricity in some way, shape, or form.

For me – my phone is something that I need on me all the time. So external batteries are important for me. And the traveler in your life will thank you for them.

Cause having the more the better and these aren’t cheap.

Grab one for your traveler here.

What are you getting the traveler in your life? Drop us all the suggestions!

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