‘A Million Little Things’ 2×07 Review: “Ten Years”

A Million Little Things usually leaves us feeling emotional in a good, healthy, cathartic way. This past week though? We’re left with seething anger and annoyance and it’s all aimed at one person and one person only. A lot of bombs were dropped this week and moments that had our jaws on the floor. As we try to pick them up, here’s what you need to know about “Ten Years”.

1) We say this with our entire soul: Delilah Dixon, you need to take SEVERAL seats and STFU immediately!

I swear, it’s like she wants us to hate her. I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Grace Stone on Manifest and then Delilah Dixon happened. Each week, she continues to play the victim and act like a weak, broken woman when she has proven time and time again that she is strong and resilient. This week, she took that victimization to a whole new height. I understand wanting to protect your children but as this show (and life) has proven, secrets and lies always come out. Keeping the kids in the dark now to protect them will come back to bite her in the ass. They will never forgive her if they go the next 5, 10, 15 years thinking Charlie is Jon’s baby only to find out that their mother has been lying to them all along. To make matters even worse, Delilah tried to get everyone on her side and tried to paint Katherine as the bad guy who couldn’t be reasoned with when all she wanted was to do right by her child and Charlie. Even with all of that, the icing on the cake of last week’s episode was when Delilah basically said that none of this was her fault and it was all Eddie’s. Are you serious?! Last I checked, it takes TWO to make a baby and Eddie wasn’t there by himself. She was ready to leave Jon and now she wants to act like Saint Delilah who did no wrong? She better figure her life out before she ends up alone with no one in her corner.

A Million Little Things – 2×07, ABC

2) It’s a dog eat dog world, Colin.

We have mixed feelings about this part. While I love that Gary is happen and reunited with Colin, a part of me feels uneasy knowing that that poor woman has a dog that isn’t the one her late husband loved so dearly. The gesture came from a place of love and I know Maggie meant well but I’m just so torn. It was a sweet scene and Gary’s reaction to still having Colin was pure joy but a part of it just doesn’t sit right with me. I do wonder if they will touch on this topic or if this is the end of the story line.

3) Reunited and it feels so good!

Katherine and Eddie! Katherine and Eddie!!!!! Pardon me while I fan-girl the hell out but OMG!! This is what I have wanted since the latter half of season one: Eddie and Katherine as a united front fighting for each other and their love. Seeing them as a family with Theo and celebrating his and Eddie’s milestones was so beautiful and so worth the wait. They proved that you can overcome anything if you give love a second chance. Katherine was so proud of Eddie and with how far he’s come in the last 10 years and I loved every second of it. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t worried when Delilah confronted Katherine about baby Charlie and that Eddie would take Delilah’s side. I held my breath when she looked to Eddie and to see him fully, unconditionally back up Katherine and stand up for himself to Delilah was everything! He’s done bending to Delilah’s will and doing what she wants. He’s done being her punching bag. He’s done taking her crap and thinking he’s the bad guy in all of this because he isn’t…they both are. They both made a mistake and while she might not be willing to acknowledge, Eddie has and is doing everything he can to overcome and amend for his mistakes. His character development has been one of my favorites to watch over the series. You got yourself a good one, Katherine! Hold on tight!

4) Another secret love child…

I honestly thought we’d have to wait longer to find out if Jon was PJ’s father and then the bomb was dropped. Jon is in fact the father and what happens next is sure to be insane! The biggest mystery of last season centered on why Jon took his own life and by the season finale, it seemed that all of his secrets and lies had been revealed but as we see now, there’s still so much we don’t know. This group has been through the emotional ringer and this bombshell is sure to rock the boat they’ve all just managed to steady. I guess this answers the true question of “Who is Barbara Morgan?” She’s Jon’s secret baby mama and that is just mind blowing!!

See the preview for the upcoming episode, “Goodnight” below. A Million Little Things airs Thursday on ABC.

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