Fangirlish Gift Guides 2019: What To Get The Paper Lover In Your Life

I am obsessed with paper. I know that I should be saving a tree, but I will be the first to admit that I really take that for granted with my life. I have a crap ton of journals, pens – any supply that you would think I could use, but never do.

And I know that I am not the only person that is like that. Paper Source is my jam. I can spend hours in a Papyrus.

So,I am sure that you have a person in your life that you need to shop for that is the same. Give them all the office, school, and desk supplies.

What is it: Thank You cards

Yes, this is some passive aggressive shit.

Writing THANK YOU cards is a forgotten thing in my opinion. I grew up knowing that I needed to write cards when I got something.

I loved getting snail mail. Getting things in the mail meant that someone cared.

Getting someone THANK YOU cards isn’t rude in my opinion – it’s reminding them that this is a forgotten art. They will appreciate that you are adding to their card arsenal (which you should always have at home).

Thank you cards are a great thing. Just don’t let this be the only thing in the gift. Put it with other stuff.

Get these here. 


What is it: Wax Seal

This shit makes me LOL, but also I admit upon finding this I ordered myself one.

I always think it is cool when I see movies where a letter comes and you know if someone got into it, because the wax seal on it is broken.

So toss this in with the thank you cards and it will make for something unique.

Get yours here.

Just pick up some extra wax sticks, because you will go through them quick.

Get extra wax sticks here. 

What is it: Recipe Cards

Hey, I have a lot of cookbooks, but one of the most special things that I have are the recipes that my Grandma wrote down for me.

So take your favorite recipes and write them on cards, toss them in a recipe box and you’ll have a keepsake for someone.

And it will be passed down through the ages.

Get personalized cards here. 

What is it: Moleskin Notebooks

Notebooks are always a great gift.

Therapy can be expensive, but personally, worth it. However, I expand upon my therapy by writing.

Journaling is a real thing and it’s something that a lot of people take pride in doing. It helps. Get them a good journal. Moleskin makes some amazing journals that stand the test of time. They are small, compact, and study.

And I love the elastic band.

Get yours here. 

What is it: Paper Flowers

Flowers are always beautiful. I can’t keep shit alive to save my life.

And I know that there are a lot of people that are the same.

Snooping around on Etsy, I found a shop that makes these absolutely beautiful flower bouquets from paper. The Flower Craft shop isn’t cheap, but hey – it’s beautiful

They offer several different kinds of bouquets and have free shipping.

Get your flowers here. 

What is it: Letter to my Love

Some of the best things in the world – my most prized possessions – are letters. Letters that have been written to me.

Letters that capture the moments in my life and someone else’s. Write now. Read later. Treasure forever.

And hey these were once on Oprah’s favorite things list.

Pick these up and write to the one that you love.

Get these here. 

What is it: Cute Paperclips

Etsy is one of the best things on the internet. I love how crafty and amazing people are.

As you can tell by this list, we’re giving mostly a lot of shit that you’re gonna need to put with something else.

And these paperclips are absolutely adorbs.

Personally, I love it when something is cute. Sure, I don’t use mine – they sit on my desk and they look cute sitting there. But get these for someone you need to get a gift for.

They will appreciate.

Grab yours here. 

What is it: Cork Business Card Holder

I know, I know – not everyone uses business cards anymore, but they are a good thing to have. I love when people give me theirs.

A lot of time they just have an e-mail on them and some social media on them, but that is helpful to me. Especially since I don’t always want to be handing out my phone number.

But these cute ass holders are amazing and stylish. I have the pink.

Get yours here. 

What is it: Personalized Clip Board

Who doesn’t love things with their name on them? I do.

I know, I know – a clip board seems old fashioned, but personally, I love. I mean if you are getting on the writing things out by hand train – this comes in handy.

And these are absolutely stunning.

Get yours here. 


Oh, who can believe that it’s almost Christmas. Not us. But we’re shopping and getting ready for it.

What are you getting the paper lover in your life?

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