Fangirlish Gift Guide 2019: Gifts To Give For Self-Care


It means something different to everyone. But can always be changing. For me – self care changes with the day. It changes with the time. It is ever evolving.

And I am all about it.

Self-care is important for anyones mental health and so getting people gifts for self-care is a good thing. Here’s some suggestions.

What Is It: Lush Bath Bombs

Now this gift is one of my favorites. Bath bombs are not cheap – but they are worth it. Laying in all the goodness and getting comfortable… I am all for it.

Bath bombs make for a great stocking stuff or you know – part of a gift that allows a person to relax. The explosion of oils, the scent, the softness on the skin…

Someone will be thanking you for it later.

Get some here. 

What Is It: Finger Labyrinth for Meditation and Prayer

When my friend told me that I needed a Finger Labyrinth, I was like WTF is wrong with you? What I do or don’t do with my fingers… that shit isn’t calming.

I was wrong.

They can help you relax, feel better when they are sad or scared and help them to concentrate. Seriously, they focus the mind and calm you down.

Simply focus on the path with your finger and take deep breaths, clearing your mind!

Get yours here.

What Is It: Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp

Again, something I was wrong about. I didn’t get what the hell anyone would need a Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp for.

Also – I like darkness.

But the lamp is calming. It lights the darkness. It will illuminate your room with a warm, pleasant & relaxing amber glow.

The lamps are said to feel soothing, calming and relaxing at that time. Some take it as an aid to sleep while they use as salt night light.

Get yours here. 

What Is It: Oil Diffuser

It is totally true, am Aromatherapy Diffuser, will make a difference in your life. I am really, really big on smells. I find some to be calming, some to be annoying, and some that trigger feelings. Some good, some bad, and some soothing.

A diffuser can calm the world around you. It can help you relax.

I personally love a diffuser with a light. Helps me calm down and it can be used as a humidifier. Provides moisture for dry room & dry skin.

Get a diffuser here. 

Get some oils to go with it here. 

What Is It: Sun Lamp

At this time of year, my emotions are all fucked up. I miss the sun – even though when it’s around – I hate it.

But that’s why I think a sun lamp is a good thing. This one was seen on Shark Tank and I am obsessed with that show.

Provides the recommended 10,000 LUX brightness for effective light therapy to help beat the winter blues, regulate sleep, fight fatigue, boost mood, and improve focus.

Get yours here. 

What Is It: 10-Motor Full-Body Massage Mat with Heat

I am personally buying this for myself. I don’t like being touched, but I love heat and a I love a massage.

So I am about to self care like no other with this thing.

  • Built-in heater for added comfort
  • 4 independently controllable zones & 3 intensity levels allowing you to target massages
  • 5 pre-programmed modes for quick, simple massages
  • Flexible & foldable for easy transport

Yes please.

Get yours here. 

What Is It: Quip Subscription

I love to brush my teeth. It’s weird, but I am deathly afraid of loosing my teeth. But I do find having to remember to shop for something and then I get overwhelmed by everything there – I waste time and money.

So I turned to quip.

Every three months, I get a new toothpaste, brush, and battery.

It’s the toothbrush that encourages healthy habits. And for me – it’s calming.

Brushing gently for 2 minutes, twice a day, with short, tooth-sized strokes and soft bristles you replace every 3 months.

Get a subscription here. 

What Is It: CBD

I live for my CBD products.

I know that they aren’t for everyone, but I personally suffer from chronic pain. And it’s hard to deal with. BUT, CBD creams have been a life saver.

I self care with Leef Organics RECOVER.

It helps so much with pain.

Roll-on relief with an herbal approach to recovery. This unique roller ball includes cold pressed, full-spectrum whole plant CBD blended with wild crafted herbs, all on a mission to bring relief.

There are a full spectrum of CBD products.

Get your LEEF products here. 

What Is It: Sleep Mask

I don’t know about anyone else, but I need complete darkness to sleep and sometimes that is just not possible.

So I love a good sleep mask.

And I also love to look cute.

With a sleep mask, you need something cute, comfy, and not too snug on the head.

I love this one. So cute and soft. And bonus – you can use for traveling.

Get it here. 

What Is It: Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask

Treating your skin well is super important. Glow Recipe has some amazing products.

Personally, I am in love with their Watermelon Mask. It is a Sleeping Mask is a luxuriously bouncy, breathable sleeping mask that smoothes and perfects skin, overnight.

And it doesn’t rub off on your pillowcase making it all gross.

Do I know what is all in masks and necessary? No. But this hyaluronic acid face mask, formulated with soothing, amino-acid rich Watermelon Extract, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, and pore refining AHAs that work while you sleep to gently exfoliate and clarify.

I’m assuming that’s all good.

I just love it.

Get yours here. 

What Is It: You Are Loved Gift Set

Sometimes the best gift is reminding someone that they are loved. This cute set is on Etsy, and I am absolutely in love.

– Gratia Box Co.’s Peace & Calm Handmade Soaking Salts – made with mineral rich himalayan salts and lavender essential oil.
– Gratia Box Co.’s “All The Love” Soy Candle
– Handmade Calming Loose Leafed Tea Blend
– Greeting Card personalized with your special message!
– Placed inside of a small sized high quality kraft gift box and tied with a double sided satin ribbon!

Get yours and remind someone they are loved HERE. 

What Is It: Weighted Blanket

I thought that a weighted blanket would make me feel caged in. I thought that it would make me feel overwhelmed.

I thought that they were overhyped.

I was wrong.

The weighted blanket offers me comfort and security. It calms my anxiety. It makes a person feel the sensation of being held to encourage deep, healthy, restful sleep.

So give someone a hug. Get one here. 

How do you self care? What would you get for someone to self care?


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