‘This Is Us’ 4×08 Review: ‘Sorry’

It’s almost fall finale time and the show is gearing us up for the Pearson’s Thanksgiving. They’re throwing a lot of emotional beats at us and I have to admit that I’m a bit worried. Let’s dive into this week’s episode and unpack all the Pearson drama.

Human Wrecking Ball

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First of all, calling Kevin a “human wrecking ball” for sleeping with Cassidy is completely unfair. She’s a consenting adult and it takes TWO to tango. But if we’re going to call him a human wrecking ball because he’s so self destructive on his own, then that’s a fair assessment.

This episode really puts Kevin through the ringer and it breaks my heart because I prefer when Kevin is thriving. The thing is that’s not realistic. He struggles a lot with his demons and the show can’t ignore that. But nothing broke my heart more than when he kept seeing his father tell him what a mess he was every time Nicky called him out on something he was doing wrong. And then that last vision of Jack telling him he’s a good kid left me bawling.

By the end of the episode, Kevin is in a much better place and that’s good. But my worry over him hasn’t gone away. His relationship with his uncle might be better than ever but it kind of seems that Cassidy has completely walked out of his life and made her way back to her family.

I know I haven’t been completely on board with these two all season but now that they might not actually happen, I’m seriously feeling a little bummed.

I just want Kevin to be happy. And if that means spending the rest of his years out in the woods with his sober uncle, then so be it.

Beth Peason: One Woman Chaperone

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Now that Malik and Deja are an item, the rules are that they must be chaperoned at all times. And Beth is taking her shift as supervisor very seriously. She’s never more than a few feet away from them, which causes her to overhear an argument between the two lovebirds. After some serious interrogation of Malik, Beth learns that Deja is upset that she has not seen her mom since they moved to Philly.

Beth feels guilty because Malik isn’t afraid to call out her bullshit excuse of “we’ve been so busy”. So she allows Deja to invite her mom to Thanksgiving. I’m 99% sure she will bring some kind of drama with her. I’m also sure the Pearsons will handle it but I can’t help but worry.

But how cute was Beth when she finally gave Malik and Deja some much needed privacy. She went into a pantry for 30 seconds. Probably to drink some of her pantry wine that’s hidden in there. And then came out talking about how time was up. I don’t think the comedy written into this show is appreciated enough. I know it’s our weekly crying show but it’s a real shame that we don’t talk about the comedy more because it is always seriously on point.

R&R: Past, Present and Future

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Do you remember last season when we learned that the entire family as gathered around Rebecca’s deathbed? This is where my worries are coming in.

In this episode, the present showed us Rebecca coming to visit a few days before the holidays so she and Randall could spend some quality time together. Throughout the episode, Rebecca is obsessively taking photos and showing photos that she’s taken on her phone. Then, while having lunch in Randall’s office, she realizes she’s misplaced her phone and starts panicking. Randall struggles to calm her down but he notices something in his mom and it worries him.

In the past, we see that Randall is the son who was always looking out for Rebecca after Jack died. He goes home to fix things. He steps in and helps her get her first office job so she could pay her bills. Basically, Randall really was the responsible one.

This always made their relationship weird because he spent the last twenty years taking care of her, not the other way around. Despite her being the parent and him being the child.

Now, he’s trying to take care of her again but she’s not very accepting of his help. The thing about Randall is that no matter how good he is, he really knows how to sting the people he loves by throwing things in their face. This is exactly what he does to Rebecca, which causes a very real rift between them.

I think Rebecca is starting to show signs of Alzheimer’s. I’m not sure how the show intends on taking us to the future when Rebecca is dying. But I do wonder if they’re going to make it that Randall and Rebecca haven’t spoken between now and the future we’ve already seen.


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  • Are Kevin and Cassidy really not meant to be? And am I truly disappointed? I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Jen Morrison on the show though. She signed the divorce papers after sleeping with Kevin so that has to mean something, right?
  • Should Kate feel guilty for not telling Toby that the avocado he fed Jack isn’t the baby’s first bite of avocado?
  • Malik is such a good kid. I really need for Beth and Randall to see that at some point.
  • I don’t like Deja’s mom and I’m annoyed she’s coming for Thanksgiving.
  • Rebecca has an iPhone 11 Pro. Explain to me what she’s doing with such an expensive new phone? She lost the last one and Miguel got her a thousand dollar phone. Homegirl deserves a flip phone from 2005.
  • Nicky’s speech in the court hearing deserves all the praise. I cried so much I had to rewatch it twice.
  • Uncle Nicky is coming to Thanksgiving dinner. I’m literally going to lose my mind if anyone tells him something. Protect Nicky at all costs.
  • This show has a fantastic way of tying the present with the future. In this case, it was tied by the making of a bed. Jack and Rebecca used to make their bed together and now she’s struggling to do even the smallest things without him. Kevin kept remembering playing in his parents bed sheets with his dad. Honestly, the brilliance of the writing on this show amazes me every time.
  • Timothy Omundson is quickly becoming one of my favorite guest stars on this show and I am so proud of his bravery for returning to television to tell this particular story about the after effects of a stroke and the type of brain injuries that causes.
  • Kevin deserves a hug after this episode and Justin Hartley his first Emmy nod.

The fall finale for This Is Us is already upon and I’m not ready. Check out the trailer for the Thanksgiving episode here:


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