‘Chicago Fire’ 8×09 Review: “Best Friend Magic”

It’s fall finale time once again, and this one did not disappoint. We got Gabby back, and we got another Crotis scene! That’s almost everything you could ask for in an episode of Chicago Fire. Plus, Dawsey brought some magic of their own. This was definitely one episode of Chicago Fire you did not want to miss.

Gabby Dawson Is Back, Y’all!

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Gabriela Dawson was finally back on my screen! Even if was only for one episode, it was nice to see her on my TV screen again. She was a huge part of the show, and I was a little crushed when Monica Raymond announced that she was leaving. Gabby Dawson was a huge part of Chicago Fire and helped make the show what it is now, so it was only fitting that they brought her back for the fall finale.

Of course the first place Gabby stopped by when she was back in Chicago was Firehouse 51. It would have been weird if it wasn’t. She is loved there. And like Casey said, everybody was gonna want to see her. There will always be a place for Gabby at 51. And I loved everybody’s reactions to seeing her again. Firehouse 51 really is like one big family, and this family reunion was long overdue. I get that one of the main reason she stopped at Firehouse 51 was to see Casey, but it just goes to show too that for Gabby Dawson, 51 will always be home.

Back In My Dawsey Feels

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Of course Casey was the first one to find Gabby at 51 when she came back. Those two have a bond like no other. There will probably always be feelings between the two of them. You could tell from the moment they first saw each other that there were still some sparks there. I don’t know what it is, but their chemistry is like magic. AND THAT VOICEMAIL! There will always be room in her tent for Matt Casey.

If it was hard for Casey to move on from Dawson before, it’s gonna be even harder now. All the old feelings came back when she returned. And kudos to Brett for being wing-woman of the year! I agree with her when she said that Casey being happy makes her happy. He deserves to be happy, no matter where that happiness comes from. I like him with Dawson, but if she’s just gonna leave again, it’s not fair for him to remain tied to her. As for rather I’m Team Dawsey or Team Brettsey? I’m not really on one side or the other. I’m Team Matt Casey. Whatever makes him happy.

Stand Out Scene

The Dawsey scene at Gabby’s charity ball was too cute! And they clean up good. It was also one of my favorite scenes of the episode because we got some quality Dawsey content. It was even revealed to Casey that Gabby practically begged to be sent to Chicago. How cute is that?! I think that was the moment when he realized that she still really cared about him, even though those two had a pretty bad breakup at the end of season 6. And he still clearly cares for her, because those two hooked up right after the charity ball!

I will admit that I was never a huge Dawsey fan. I get that they are super cute and that their chemistry is undeniable, but Dawsey was just never my favorite ship. It’s not that I didn’t ship those two together, there are just other ships that I liked more. However, the scene at the charity ball reminded my why Dawsey is such a beloved ship in the One Chicago Universe. Dawsey is definitely relationship goals.

Crotis Forever

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Just when I thought I was done crying over Crotis and Otis’ death, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was so cute that Cruz felt bad that he lied to Otis about breaking his drone and wanted to fix it for him like he meant to do but never got around to doing. And it was kinda funny how Cruz let Ritter and Gallo help it with the technology despite him being reluctant and wanting to figure it out himself. Crotis’ friendship will always be one of my favorites.

I had to hold back tears when Cruz watched the video of him and Otis. It was so great to see them together in a scene again, but so emotional at the same time because Otis is no longer physically at 51 anymore. I loved how close they were. Crotis was one of my favorite dynamic duos. They were always goofballs, and that was just one example of how amazing and how truly special their friendship. It also goes to show that Crotis will always have best friend magic.

You Got This, Stella Kidd

I just wanted to give Stella a hug this episode and tell her everything’s gonna be okay. I know what it’s like to not let people down. It can be exhausting. I get that Stella appreciated all the great opportunities that Boden has been giving her and that she didn’t want him to think she couldn’t handle it, but she’s only human. She can only stretch herself so far. You can only have so much on your plate at once.

Stella has an amazing support system and people who care about her. That scene where Severide tucked her into bed after she got home from the hospital was too adorable. I will take as many cute Stellaride scenes as I can get. And I loved how compassionate Boden was when he realized he pushed Stella too far. The scene between the two of them where he apologized for giving her too much and Stella telling him she loved being his project was so touching. I loved how much confidence Boden has given Stella. She deserves it. It’s about time she realizes how amazing she is.

Memorable Lines

Gabby: I’ve got a lot of feelings wrapped up here, too

Cruz: I don’t want another drone. I want to fly this one

Gabby: There will always be room in my tent, Matt Casey

Otis: You know what we have that you’ll never have? Best friend magic!

Gabby: My only regret is that we didn’t spend more time together

Chicago Fire returns January 8th on NBC

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