‘Chicago Med’ 5×09 Review: “I Can’t Imagine The Future”

I can’t believe we’re already at the fall finale! Time flies when you’re having fun, right? As usual, this episode of Chicago Med was jam-packed with drama and emotion, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Except for maybe that Manstead ending. After this episode, I can only imagine what’s in store for the shows return in 2020.

Is Manstead Done For Good This Time?

I have been waiting for the moment when Natalie’s memories from the night of the accident would return. The only thing getting me through those dreadful episodes with Phillip and the constant Manstead fighting was the hope that eventually she would remember what really happened again. And it finally did, although I was not expecting it to go down like it did. And I was definitely not a fan of the outcome.

Of course Phillip would somehow manage to stay relevant even after Natalie broke up with him. I knew he was trash from the start, but even I didn’t think he was such a scumbag that he would put a DNR on his own infant daughter! Luckily, Dr. Latham was willing to perform the surgery on Sophie even though it was risky with the DNR. And who would have thought it would be Phillip’s daughter needing surgery again that brought back Natalie’s memories? Her feelings for Will finally came back and I would love nothing more than Manstead getting back together, but it may be too little too late for them.

Will seems to finally be over Natalie, and I’m not gonna lie I’m a little upset about it. Natalie did tell him to get out of her life and I want nothing more than for Will to be happy, but I always thought Manstead was endgame. I truly thought Will’s feelings for Natalie would never really go away. I’ll admit, I was a little heartbroken when Will was the one to say no to Natalie this time. His feelings for Natalie were the one thing that still gave me hope for Manstead, and it seems like he doesn’t have any anymore. Even though it seems like Manstead may be over for good this time, I’ll still always be secretly rooting for them to find their way back to each other somehow.

Bon Voyage, Cece

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It seems as though Cece might be nearing her end. She didn’t look so good at the beginning of this episode and it was bound to happen eventually. She does have cancer, after all. Even though I knew Cece would die eventually, I didn’t expect it to happen this soon. Probably the most heartbreaking part of it was when she told Dr. Charles she wanted him to remarry.

I have never seen Dr. Charles break down and cry. He has gotten emotional and dealt with some pretty difficult cases, but he’s never really let it get to him emotionally. Or at least he’s never shown it. So when he started sobbing about Cece at the beginning of this episode, I about lost it myself. I love Dr. Charles and I just felt so bad for him at this moment.

Dr. Charles mentions to Goodwin that he is taking Cece to Mackinaw Island and that he wants to throw her a Bon Voyage party before they go. Even though he doesn’t flat out state it, Goodwin can tell that it seems like he’s taking Cece to Mackinaw Island to die.

Stand Out Scene

The scene between Robin and Dr. Charles during Cece’s Bon Voyage party almost had me in tears. It was such a genuine and sincere scene. Robin clearly wants to be able to say good-bye to her mom and to be there when she passes. However, Cece wants Robin to remember her as she is now, and not how she’ll be during her final stages. While I understand where Cece is coming from, I think Robin should be there.

I don’t think we got enough touching scenes between Robin and Dr. Charles. They were pretty much always arguing whenever we saw them. And let’s not forget what happened after Dr. Charles put Robin on a psych hold when she was dating Connor. We saw a lot of the rocky parts of Dr. Charles’ relationship with his daughter up until this point. It was nice to see a really genuine and heartwarming side for once. After all, the Dr. Charles we’ve come to know and love really cares about his family.

Trouble for Chexton

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It seems like Chexton is having their share of relationship troubles, too. April and Ethan have been at odds over the whole baby stuff lately, and it sees to have gotten worse. And let’s not forget that there seems to be something going on between April and Crockett. Could this possibly be end for Chexton, too?

April found out that she can’t have kids, and I am heartbroken. I was so looking forward to seeing Chexton as parents. But if you ask me, April is being really unfair about the whole situation by just assuming Ethan won’t like that she can’t have kids and taking things out in him. If I know Ethan at all, I don’t think he’s really care if the child is biologically theirs or not. I think he just wants to have a kid with April.

As if things weren’t getting bad enough for Chexton, April goes and kisses Dr. Marcel. Yes, April and Crockett actually kissed this time. I can’t believe April would go and kiss another guy just because she had an argument with Ethan. Things between her and Ethan may have been able to be fixed before, but if he ever finds out about the kiss, I don’t think there will be any going back. Ethan’s leaving for deployment soon, and April needs to decide what she wants.

Memorable Lines

Will: We’re not good for each other. All we do is hurt each other.

Natalie: I remember that night. I was coming to tell you that..I’m sorry, for that way I treated you. That I was wrong

Will: There was a time I couldn’t imagine a future without you. But I can now. I feel…free

April: Ethan wants a baby, and I can’t give him one

Cece: Danny, I want you to remarry

Chicago Med returns Wednesday, January 8th on NBC.

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