The ‘Mad About You’ Revival Might Be Hard To Access But It’s Worth It!

It’s been twenty years since the last episode of Mad About You aired but thanks to Spectrum Originals, it’s back! The series returned with six episodes on November 20th and six more will follow dropping on December 18th. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt return to reprise their roles as Paul and Jamie Buchman and their chemistry makes it feel like no time has passed. Their banter is right where it needs to be which is just like it always was. 

The Positive

Mad About You picks up with Paul and Jamie dropping their daughter, Mabel (Abby Quinn), off at college. Quinn (Little Women) makes an excellent addition to the cast and plays perfectly with Reiser and Hunt. The first episode tackles the exact right amount of comedy and emotion (especially for those viewers who have sent a child to school) to get the series rolling. 


Over the next five episodes, the show navigates an empty nest with Paul, Jamie, and their friends from the original series. What happens to a love story when one of the biggest pieces leaves? It’s especially interesting to see Jamie (who left her career to raise Mabel) find herself again since she doesn’t identify as a full-time mom anymore. 

The writers also moved the comedy into modern times so the jokes never feel dated. They manage to make them feel as if they could have just as easily been on the original series. Everyone involved has done an amazing job weaving the series into the present without losing what made it so great back in the 90s. If you loved Mad About You, or maybe you watched it with your parents and like it, you’re in for a treat with this revival. The magic of this show never left. In fact, it’s only gotten better with time! 

The Negative

Rolling Stone

We are definitely bummed that Mad About You is being offered by such an obscure network, that’s really just starting to make original programming because it makes this gem so much harder to access than it needs to be. Spectrum requires customers to log in with their established cable credentials when so few people still have cable. Spectrum is smart to make a play at getting back in the game but we wished they’d offer a monthly streaming plan like Netflix or Hulu so people could just watch Made About You or their other originals and not have to subscribe to them as a cable provider.

Have you watched the new Mad About You? Did you love it or did you find the revival unnecessary? If you loved it, are you excited for the next six episodes? Share your thoughts and favorite jokes!

Stream Mad About You on Spectrum Originals or through On Demand if you have Spectrum Cable.

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