We Will Go Down With This Ship: Asher and Olivia on ‘All American’

If we’re talking about All American, it is definitely easy to fall into the talk about football. I mean it is a show about football, but it is also so much more than that. It’s a show about family, friendship, and growth. It’s a show that challenges us to think of the world around us and the world as we know it. It’s a show that has given us so much and one of those gifts have been a ship that we are setting in for the slow burn with.

Olivia and Asher.

Yes, I said it. I know, I know – they friend zoned the fuck out of each other, but that’s okay. Because here’s what we know – the writers have set the spark and shown us what could be and in the same moment set a ship to sail that we are ready to settle in for. We’ve been watching this spark fly for awhile – we’re in this til the end.

Slow burn – it’s fine. We’re going to take this relationship slow, we’re going to watch them evolve. We’ve been here before in fandom. But don’t you for a second think we’re going to stop rooting for them.

Their relationship is just starting, but WE ARE IN THIS SHIT FOR THE LONG HAUL.

But why? What makes Olivia and Asher OTP goals. We’ll break it down for you.


It’s crazy how one moment, one vulnerable moment can make you look at characters and know – that’s it. That is the ship that I want. That’s the ship that I am committed to.

SEASON 1, EPISODE 3. That’s what it was. That’s what it was for me.

I think we all thought that Olivia and Spencer would end up together, but it quickly became apparent that their chemistry was more friends than anything else.

But when Asher and Olivia are talking about keeping the secret of their secret hookup and she accuses him of wanting to protect himself and he corrects her – my heart stopped for a second. When he tells her that it’s actually to protect the three people he cares about the most and he tells her that third person is her – it’s when I knew. It’s when I knew that I would go down with this ship.


Asher seems to have a perfect life. I mean he’s a football star and he lives in Beverly Hills and he’s got the perfect life, right? But when he fucked up royally at the homecoming dance, and he got on stage and told the entire school that him and Olivia hooked up the previous year – if I was her I woulda beat his ass. But Olivia, she pissed off her man and told him he couldn’t leave Asher alone. So even at the moment where he’s pushed her so hard she’s made sure to let him know he’s not alone. She’s hit rock bottom and she knows what it’s like. When she goes over to Asher and pours out the contents of his flask, saying nothing – well that gesture – that moment – HIT ME IN THE FEELS.


When Olivia finds out that Spencer knew about her Dad’s affair and wants to have a drink, I couldn’t blame her. I woulda tossed back a keg. Layla wasn’t kind when she told her. When she’s about to take a sip and Asher snatches it out of her hand – I STOOD UP AND CHEERED. He asks her what the hell she’s thinking, and tells her that he can’t have “two people in [his] life going down the same hole on the same day.”

Asher is fighting for her, even if she isn’t willing to fight for herself. It’s a moment where we see that these two are willing to fight for each other. She poured out his flask, he took the cup. It’s moments like this when you see that they won’t let each other fall.


When Asher got kicked off the team, his world fell out from underneath him. But when he got back on the team and Olivia was right there. She was the one person who didn’t turn her back on him. She believed in him and her pride in who he was becoming – it shows all over her face. When she throws her arms around him – OMG – ALL THE TEARS!


When Asher woke up and heard his Dad laughing in the kitchen and he goes down and sees Olivia there… my heart grew ten times bigger. The way he stood there and stared at them, the way his eyes said it all – that just was everything. He knew that she was there, that she wasn’t going anywhere, and by the look in his eyes, he felt safe with her. And finding that safety was a beautiful thing.


Asher knows that his best friends sister is kind of off limits. After all it’s been a road that has been a bumpy one. But Olivia – no matter what is the girl that he can’t get out of his head or his heart. And you can see that in every look, every stare, every moment. And I look at them and see the way that they look at each other – especially when the other one isn’t looking – is everything. The vulnerability in their eyes is beautiful.


Friendships make the best foundations for relationships. And these two – wow.

In season one, Asher had a rough, rough road. Football, family – nothing went right. He was alone more than he had people. But in season two he has this new purpose, this new drive, and this new beautiful outlook on life. And him working so hard, him finding in his heart that he was worth redemption was everything to see in himself. BUT, when Olivia noticed how he was changing, and the drive that he found – I cried. But when she told him that she was proud of him – that moment was everything I never knew I needed.


Asher has some really fucked up parents. His Mom – who knows. But when he sees her after so long without seeing her – of course he brings Olivia. And when she mistakes that they are together – I wanted to yell, “LISTEN TO YOUR MAMA!”


When Asher’s Mom asks Asher to serve his Dad with divorce papers, I wanted to slap her myself. But Asher needed support and so she gave him that. She reached out and held his hand, so he knew he wasn’t alone.

And that was everything.


I mean…. this is everything!


When he walks in the room and the way he walks over to her and this whole moment… ugh my heart. Asher was so vulnerable and put it all out there. And that was the moment I knew that no matter what happened, I was in this for the long haul.


The fact that these two always put their friendship first, the fact that they know that they need that first…

We’re ready for them. We’re about them. This ship is everything we needed.

Do you ship Asher and Olivia? What are your favorite moments of theirs?

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