When it comes to ships, we live and die by them. We’ve known for a long time that you don’t choose the ship, the ship chooses you. Actually, a shit ton of ships choose you, and you’re powerless to do anything about it.

But luckily, we’re all in the same boat on that one.

As 2019 comes to an end, we’re left looking back at a year filled with countless shipper moments — many of which aren’t even covered here. Hey, we’re not writing a book, okay?

But there were plenty of wonderful moments shared between our favorite couples — some heartfelt, some happy, some angst-filled and some a combination of everything.

Here are the best shipper moments of 2019:

Oliver and Felicity family montage, Arrow 


When I think back on moments that made me ball like a freaking baby, this scene in Arrow encapsulates it all. The raw emotion, the unexpected yet expected reaction on my part. Getting to watch Oliver and Felicity with baby Mia — happy, away from the terror of Star City, just being a family — it was a lot of emotion for one to experience. Especially when you knew Oliver had earned this. He had earned a chance to be a husband and a father and to have a family. Especially when you knew what was coming. That he was going to be torn away from his family and never see them again. This scene — and the goodbye scene that followed it — left me a blubbering mess, but it was a scene I’ll never forget.

Olivia and Asher take a chance on love, All-American


Making the leap from best friends to lovers is a tricky one. When you’re friends, there’s less of a risk that you can lose that close bond you’ve developed. But on the other hand, when you decide to take that leap from friends to lovers, something even better could be waiting on the other side. That’s what Olivia was so terrified about. She depended on Asher to the extent that she never wanted to jeopardize their relationship. Even when she felt that there was something more there. Asher knew it, too. Even when Olivia told him she needed a best friend, he didn’t push it. He was exactly what Olivia needed. But you can only hide from the truth for so long. And sometimes it takes a leap of faith — knowing that you could get hurt — to find something even more extraordinary.

Michael and Alex: “I loved you,” Roswell, New Mexico

Quite frankly, any and every Malex moment in Roswell, New Mexico‘s first season belongs on this list. And it’s really unfair that I have to choose just one. But since I appear to be in the mood for angst and all the pain that goes with it, let’s go with this season finale scene where after keeping his feelings bottled up for an entire season, Alex finally tells Michael how he really feels. It’s said in the past tense, which hurts like hell, especially when Michael repeats it in the past tense. But it’s a reminder that those feelings, they’re real. And those kinds of feelings don’t go away. They’re still there. Hell, you can tell that by a single look. This is the stuff of epic love stories. And I don’t care how long or how much pain they put me through, I’ll be there for when they finally can say it to each other in the present.

Jaime knights Brienne, Game of Thrones


Of all the relationships on Game of Thrones, there’s none that quite hits you in the heart quite like Jaime and Brienne. Seriously, they were the most important dynamic on this show — romance or not. It felt as if everything was building to this moment. When Torumund learns that Brienne isn’t a knight — because women can’t be knighted — Jaime decides to do just that because any knight can knight another. The significance of that moment nearly broke Twitter, as did the smile that Brienne wore after that moment…it could light an entire kingdom…and then we all cried. And soon after, we chose to create our own ending for our wonderful ship. Showrunners be damned.

Densi Wedding, NCIS: Los Angeles


The ship that could and could and could finally got married! Densi has been one of our favorites for a long, long time, and that’s because NCISLA has managed to keep them as a couple, growing together, supporting each other, and just generally being amazing TOGETHER, for way longer than most couples on TV. So to see them finally say “I do” surrounded by their team, was beautiful. And you know what’s more beautiful? This isn’t the end, no. It’s just the beginning of another part of the journey.

Clarke and Bellamy: “I’m not letting you go,” The 100


 Whatever platonic relationship this show was trying to sell us, that notion was shattered with The 100’s sixth season, where Clarke and Bellamy were anything but platonic. There were many moments to choose from, but this one stood out above the rest. It was one of the most emotionally-driven moments between the pair as Bellamy fights to save Clarke — refusing to lose her and willing her to return to him, which she does. The two share a passionate embrace, and it feels anything but platonic.


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