Kat and Adena reunite, The Bold Type


Old habits die hard, but our love for Kat and Adena never will. Following last season’s painful breakup, we were left, much like Kat, to pick up the pieces and wonder if that really was the end. As Kat continued on with her life to try and get over Adena, we saw Kat grow into herself. But she never forgot Adena. The pain of first-love-turned-heartbreak isn’t something you can shut off. And just when Kat had convinced herself that she was over Adena, Adena shows back up in NYC and suddenly those feelings flooded back. And then, they acted on those feelings. And we’ve been living good ever since.

Josie and Penelope share an emotional goodbye, Legacies


Look, I’m a sucker for angst and pain and torture. So it’s no surprise that Josie and Penelope’s tearful goodbye was an easy pick for me. These two had a ton of history — history we were just beginning to scratch the surface of. Just when it seemed like we were getting a new start for these star-crossed lovers, Penelope broke the news that her family was moving to Belgium. She left Josie with a piece of important information about the Merge, but also with one last heartfelt goodbye. And we’re still hoping this goodbye isn’t forever.

Barry and Iris’ desperate kiss in Crisis, The Flash


If the world was ending, who would you want to have beside you? Who would you want to say “I love you” to one last time? For Barry and Iris, that answer will always be each other. Leading up to Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry and Iris resigned themselves to the idea that the Flash would die so that an entire multiverse could survive. So when he returns from a mission and it seems that he might not have to die in Crisis after all, the kiss Iris and Barry share is almost desperate, as they take one moment to be grateful to have more time together. Thinking they might have escaped their fate. This moment makes it all the more tragic that Barry actually loses Iris in the end – reaching out to Iris one last time but unable to say goodbye before he is taken to the Vanishing Point with the rest of the Paragons (and Lex Luthor) and Iris disappears in a wave of antimatter.

Nico and Karolina both dream of marrying each other, Marvel’s Runaways


When it comes to Marvel’s Runaways, Nico and Karolina own our hearts. They’ve been through a lot together, but if there’s one thing we know, Nico and Karolina are soulmates. And no matter how much pain we have to suffer through — or they have to suffer through — love always wins. While there are plenty of moments to choose from when talking about the perfection that is Nico and Karolina, the very fact that both Nico and Karolina dreamed about marrying each other is enough to get me through the rest of this year and beyond. Bring it, 2020.

Patrick proposes to David, Schitt’s Creek


This moment felt like the culmination of something grand and a game changing moment for both men. They’ve never experienced a love like this before and took a risk when they started to see each other romantically. Getting married is another risk, one they’re willing to take as long as they are at each others side.

 Jake’s support of Amy, Brooklyn 99

While initially not looking romantic AF, Jake’s continued support of Amy was. She is his ride or die and he’s not going to let her feel like she comes second place in her family’s heart or any other place in their lives. That’s why he goes with it when Amy whips out her phone to take a picture in front of lockup. That’s what you do when you support your loved one.



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