Harvey and Donna’s wedding, Suits


This was about a thousand years in the making, but Harvey and Donna finally became husband and wife, like she joked all those years ago, during the Pilot, and it was perfect. Their lives were already so intertwined, they were already each other’s person, and yet this moment of growth, of taking that love that you feel and being able to express it outward, and to basically declare in front of the world that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with …that was big for them, and it was the perfect way to end this show.

Eleanor and Chidi, where Eleanor is the answer, The Good Place


These two have literally gone through hell for each other. In fact, they MET in literal hell. And yet together they’ve found not just love, but goodness. Sometimes, other people can make you better, just be being them, and Eleanor and Chidi bring out the best in each other. There were many moments in 2019 we could mention for them, but the last one we saw, from this season’s midseason finale takes the cake. Chidi has always wanted answers …but he finally knows there are no answers to life. There’s just love. And Eleanor is his love.

Upton rescues Halstead, Chicago P.D.


Look, I’m fairly new to the Upstead fandom, but I’ve already come to appreciate the beauty that is Upton and Halstead’s relationship. They’re partners through and through. The trusting foundation has been set on course over the last two years, and this season you can feel that there’s something different. That feelings are different. Deeper. Emotions run deeper, more intense. Hailey and Jay would go to extremes to protect each other — and lift each other up. So when Halstead was kidnapped in the midseason finale, Upton was a woman on a mission: to get back her partner and destroy anyone that stood in her way. Their reunion was short, but meaningful. And then what happened next — that torturous cliffhanger — put everything at risk.

Hannah and Tyler’s fantasy suite, The Bachelorette


Now, I’m aware that this is the only real-life shipper moment on this list, but there are not enough words to describe the perfection that is Tyler Cameron from The Bachelorette. Tyler was a feminist king on Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette, and he had several moments that made me — and America — fall head over heels for him. But there was one in particular — where he defied expectations and showed what a real man is — during fantasy suites that was more meaningful than anything on the show that season. Hannah wanted to get to know Tyler on an emotional level — she had no concerns about the physical — and so Tyler respected her wishes, and he even stopped her. After a night spent talking and connecting on a deeper emotional level, Hannah was brought to tears as she described Tyler as “the most respectful man that’s ever been with me…Ever.” Tyler was the gold standard of Bachelorette contestants. Even though Hannah didn’t choose him (your loss, girl), he continues to remain a loud and proud feminist. I couldn’t stan any harder if I tried.

Hope and Landon exchange “I Love You’s,” Legacies


My feels…ugh…I’m just gonna let Hope and Landon do the talking here:

“I love you, Hope Mikaelson. I loved you when I couldn’t remember you. I love you and I’m standing here right now. Hope, I loved you when I was dead. I think I always will. This is the part where you say…”

“That I love you, too… Landon Kirby. God, I loved you when you didn’t even know it. Despite the way you’ve looked in a football uniform.”

What was your favorite shipper moments of 2019?


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