Shows To Binge-Watch During Winter Break

In just a few short days, we will get a nice holiday break during Christmas.  If you’re anything like me then you are definitely counting down the days till you get to just lay around in your comfy clothes with zero plans.  You know what will make that break even more eventful? Catching up on some good old TV.

Most of our shows are on hiatus at the moment since they’ve had their winter finales.  If you got behind on anything or just want to check out something new, then allow us here at Fangirlish to be of some help.

Here are some shows to binge-watch during winter break.

All American

This heartwarming show inspired by the true life story of NFL Superbowl Champion Spencer Paysinger, is about a young footballer Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) and how he balances his life after going from South Central to Beverly Hills to play football.  His mom and younger brother are in South Central while he stays in Beverly Hills, so for him it’s like he’s literally living in two different worlds. What is so great about this show is the fact that it’s not just about football. Spencer isn’t the only one dealing with problems.  As you look at the other kids and their lives, you quickly learn that living in a rich area doesn’t necessarily mean your life is any easier. 

All American is available to stream on Netflix and The CW.  Season 2 will return January 13, 2020 on The CW.


Now this one has been in my Netflix Queue for far too long so this is more of a reminder to myself as well as a recommendation.  Bodyguard which stars the handsome Richard Madden (Game Of Thrones), tells the fictional story of David Budd, a heroic but volatile war veteran now working as a Specialist Protection Officer for the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police Service. When he is assigned to protect the ambitious and powerful Home Secretary Julia Montague, whose politics stand for everything he despises, Budd finds himself torn between his duty and beliefs. Responsible for her safety, is he actually her biggest threat?

Bodyguard is available to stream on Netflix.

A Discovery Of Witches

This show based on Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy is one of my favorites right now.  It’s been awhile since I found a great witch/vampire show to watch and this one checks off all the boxes.  Diana Bishop, played by the amazing Teresa Palmer, is a historian and witch. She accesses the enchanted manuscript Ashmole 782 which leads to a series of unexpected events.  Diana’s curiosity is piqued so she just has to uncover the mysteries behind it. She meets Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode), a handsome geneticist who also happens to be a vampire.  He offers to help her and as most stories go, it’s not generally recommended that vampires and witches trust each other. 

Season one of A Discovery of Witches is available to stream on AMC and Sundance Now.

The release date for season 2 has not been announced.

The Witcher

Now this is a new one we are super excited about and it releases a few days before Christmas.  This Netflix series based on the book series of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, a “Witcher” which is a beast hunter who develops supernatural abilities at a young age in order to battle wild beasts and monsters.  If the trailer is any indication, we are in for a pretty wild ride. And hey, it’s not all about Henry Cavill, either, as the strong female characters abound.

The Witcher is available to stream on Netflix December 20th.


Based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes, You stars Penn Badgley as a seemingly unassuming bookstore worker named Joe Goldberg.  He meets a beautiful girl named Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), and sneakily yet cleverly uses social media to become the man of her dreams.  There is so much more to this story so you’ll just have to check it out and see for yourself. Season one was full of twists and turns that you may or may not see coming.  Whether you are new to the show or just need a refresher, you’ll be ready when season two arrives December 26th on Netflix.   

Which of these shows will you be checking out during winter break? Are there any that should have made this list? let us know in the comments.

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