‘The Mandalorian’ 1×06 & 1×07 Roundtable

We’re almost done with the first season of The Mandalorian. While we’ve had fun so far, our crew is a bit mixed on “The Gunslinger.” Check out our review of episode 6 and episode 7, our roundtable, and share your thoughts with us in the comments!


1). We’re now down to one episode in The Mandalorian. Share a gif with your overall reaction thus far.




Lyra: Me to everyone that put Baby Yoda’s life in danger.



Julie: Me at everyone who thinks they can double cross Mando 






2).  We got to meet a whole passel of new characters played by a team of world class genre actors in 1×06. Did you have a favorite? Why?

Ashley: I was a bit indifferent to the characters themselves, but I had a blast coming up with fun names for them, personal favorites including RoboMoss, Twi’lek Tonks, and Not Hellboy. Seriously though, I loved that they pulled in great folks like Richard Ayoade, Natalia Tena, and Clancy Brown. I think the actors were my favorite, not necessarily the characters. 

Lyra: Honestly….I didn’t like any of them. They just felt like a means to an end where Mando shows how talented he is in the face of unworthy foes. Kudos has to go for the special effects people of The Mandalorian. The designs were super creative and recognizable characters that we’ve seen before in other Star Wars works.

Julie: Well I hated the whole gang, but it was nice to see Natalia Tena again. I loved her as Tonks in Harry Potter and Osha in Game of Thrones

Gillian: Same as everyone else. I didn’t really like any of the crew. Always enjoy seeing Natalia Tena though and her character design was great.

3). 1×06 was perhaps the most genre-bending of any of the series thus far, packed with tropes from the horror genre, science fiction, and even a bit of a war film. Which caught your attention and why? 

Ashley: I adored the horror sequence, thinking of Mando sneaking up on Mayfield. The flashing lights brought to mind Alien, as well as the clean, white exterior. I got a bit giddy during that scene because Alien is my all-time favorite movie. 

Lyra: Mando kicking all that robot ass and his new team acting like Mando didn’t just kill it. That’s the part of the episode that caught mind and wouldn’t let go because of its action badassery. Give the man the credit he deserves you uncultured swine. Especially when those skills saved you when you were caught in a tight spot.

Julie: It really felt like a horror movie at times, which my kids loved because they aren’t allowed to watch those and they got to feel the delicious suspense. It also felt a little like a motley crew heist movie, until everything went wrong. 

Gillian: To be honest, I wasn’t that much of a fan of this episode. I was kind of bored, and it’s unfortunate because I adore heist stories. I’m going to blame it on exhaustion from traveling (and The Rise of Skywalker).

4). We got so many more hints about Mando’s backstory! What do you think about him now with this new information?

Ashley: I always knew he was a good guy deep down. He had a hard road to get there though, so I can appreciate how his journey has progressed. That was really my favorite part of this story.

Lyra: With every hint being dropped, I think that at one point Mando will take off his helmet and we will be so blown away by his beauty that we’ll be blinded and changed forever. Just you wait. Pedro Pascal is a hottie already and we’ve all been waiting not so patiently to see how fly he looks holding Baby Yoda.

Julie: It was interesting to learn he had been part of a group, because we’ve seen him insist on working alone so much. But he always seems to pair up with someone on each planet he visits, so maybe he likes working with people, but has learned the hard way that attachments seldom pay off. Hopefully by the end of the season we will see him letting people in, for good. 

5). What is your favorite part of 1×06? Share a gif!




Lyra: When Baby Yoda looked at his/her hand like, “Did I do that?”


Julie: Same as Lyra! That part was so stinking cute!

6). 1×07 brings back some familiar faces. Who were you most excited to see on the screen?

Ashley: CARADUNECARADUNECARADUNE!!!! I definitely yelled, “OH YEAH!” Kool-aid man style much too early in the morning for all my neighbors to tolerate when she appeared on the screen. She’s my favorite of the series so far. 

Gillian: IG-11! I adored him in the pilot and was upset that we lost him so quickly. Do I trust him fully? Hell no. Am I still happy to see he’s back? DEFINITELY.

7). Baby Yoda showed us some crazy powers this week. Do you have any speculation on what else he can do and why everyone is after the little one?

Ashley: I think Baby Yoda will just disable everyone with his immense cuteness. That has to be a force power, right? It works on me, at least. Seriously though, I have no idea what else he might be capable of. I can only construe that he is extremely powerful, based on what I’ve seen thus far in the series, which I can only assume is the reason all these bad dudes want him dead. 

Gillian: There has been so many new Force powers introduced the past few years that I have no idea what could be next. Since we’re in a bit of a power vacuum and the galaxy only really knows about Luke as the last Jedi, I think they’re after baby Yoda to kind of tip the scales? Like there’s no more Siths (that we know of), so the vestiges of the Empire are looking to use him as a way to create more. As much as I love Star Wars, this type of stuff has never been my favorite, ha.

8). Turns out the big bad isn’t actually The Client after all! What do you think of Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito)?

Ashley: I was super surprised to see any remnant of the Empire at all. Giancarlo Esposito is a fantastic actor, so I’m curious to see how he does in the role of Moff. Plus, he must be a seriously bad dude if he’s after Baby Yoda! 

Gillian: I’m so happy to finally see Giancarlo! I never thought the Client was a real bad guy. What’s been nice about this show is that it really functions within the morally gray, so finally getting a member of the Empire, even if it’s broken, is interesting.

9). THAT ENDING! Tell us your hopes and/or predictions for the finale of this season.

Ashley: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I was fully expecting them to snatch Baby Yoda, but I got messed up after they took out Kuiil. Since when do Stormtroopers actually hit anything??! I have no clue how that’s going to shake out. I am predicting that we will watch Mando and Cara Dune kick butt. I am also predicting that Baby Yoda will do some massive display of power, and then give us his second word. Then his first. *rim shot*

Gillian: Super depressing! I hope Baby Yoda is okay and Mando can save him! Honestly, every episode has been a bit of a surprise that I haven’t been able to speculate much and that remains the case here. But really, BABY YODA MUST LIVE. No killing Cara Dune either!

We have spoken. 

The final episode of The Mandalorian airs on December 27, 2019 on Disney+.


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