‘Deputy’ 1×01 Review: “Graduation Day”

New Year. New Shows. We know if you’re like us there is always so much to watch and so little time.

Last night on Fox, Deputy premiered and of course our asses were placed firmly in our seats ready to watch. Why? Well you know we stan everything After and Shane Paul McGhie (who plays Landon in After) stars in the show.

What we’re describing as Walker, Texas Ranger set in Los Angeles is an interesting take on a procedural show. We’re used to cops in a precinct, not seeing much of the action, and wondering what exactly they do. BUT – that doesn’t mean that we don’t like the show.

We do and we’re holding out on the “love” yet.

Lawman Bill Hollister is a rebel without a cause. He’s not into the bureaucracy of being a Sheriff, he’s in the business of protecting the people of Los Angeles. Hollister only wants to be out their catching the bad guys, but suddenly he finds himself the Sheriff.

Now, I am going to be honest, I laughed when all these cars show up at a crime scene to swear him in.

Hollister had been in a car chase and here’s my issues with his car chase. How the fuck did he get so far ahead of the armored car that he was basically able to stop his car and set up a trap for the armored car thieves. Then how is it that they go off the bridge and he still has time to make it down the stairs at the end of the bridge to get to them?

Good on you and your speed Hollister.

I learned early on to suspend my logic and just enjoy the ride. Because if I get hung up the technicalities then I am not going to enjoy the show.

But I digress.

My favorite part of this whole swearing in situation is that Hollister’s first act as Sheriff is to fire the asshole that’s been giving him the most shit. Not going to lie – I would do that shit too.

Hollister is a likable character (and I say that not believing I am saying it because I am not the biggest fan of Stephen Dorff‘s  acting) that you root for because he’s not a politician. He’s a guy who really just wants to do a good job and protect the people of the city. Undersheriff Jerry London (Mark Moses) is really mad about that because Hollister tipped a bunch of people off to ICE raids. That means a lot of money lost in federal grants for the city.

I liked Hollister even more because he did that.

Deputy Brianna Bishop (Bex Taylor-Klaus) may be one of our favorites in this new series. She’s a no nonsense, just wants to do a good job. She’s the Sheriff’s driver/bodyguard. Though she’s tiny, she’s mighty and she doesn’t give a fuck if the Sheriff wants her or not. Why do we like her? Because she gives Hollister more information that helps thwart another ICE raid in Los Angeles. Also, because she’s not going to take Hollister’s crap and his wife and daughter love that.

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Then we have Joseph (Shane Paul McGhie) who is Hollisters deceased partners son. He’s being sworn in with the new graduating class of Deputies. Joseph’s Mom isn’t down for it and wants Hollister to fire him. He can’t do that. So he asks Joseph’s immediate boss to do it.

Joseph has a really shitty day at work – because there is a prison riot and he tries to save a persons life. He gets beat up. He ends up in the infirmary, right next to the person whose life he saved, and manages to get some good intel. See the guy who started the riot was able to escape from jail and they kidnapped a little girl and they needed to rescue her.

Intel leads to that happening.

Only during saving the girl, Rachel (she’s a cop too) gets shot. At the hospital, Hollisters wife makes the choice to take the criminal in for surgery before Rachel. Of course he flips his shit and his wife calls for security. We find out later that his partner died on her table and she doesn’t think he’s ever gotten over it or is blaming her.

That’s some serious shit going on in this family.

Then there is Cade, who earlier we saw that his wife and him are trying IVF – they take one of the gang member who was shot and killed – kids into their house to foster. Again, don’t see this happening in real life, but I could be wrong.

We end with Bishop reminding Hollister that he’s got 110 days until the election. The episode ends with kind of an epic line.

Well, buckle up,” he replies. “We’re just getting started.”

Overall, Deputy is fun. We’re not hooked yet, but we’re willing to give it a chance. We’re hoping over the next few episodes we become emotionally attached to these characters.

Did you watch Deputy? What are your thoughts?

Deputy airs Thursdays on Fox.


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