‘Manifest’ 2×01 Review: “Fasten Your Seatbelts”

Manifest is back.

If we’re being honest, part of the issue that I have had with this show is that it seems somewhat way too religious at times, but at the same time a little bit (okay, a lot) too confusing.

I love a show that has flashbacks and mystery, but what I also love resolution. I know, I know – we’re only in the seconds season so we’re not going to get a shit load of resolutions. But with every episode I get more and more confusion.

So one has to ask – is this going to be like Lost where nothing makes sense and then even when it ends – nothing makes sense? I think that’s why it’s hard to invest in the show completely, because it’s shown no sign of resolution on any of the layers of the show.

The episode begins and we’re back on flight 828. The flight is doing a nose dive and she’s scared, but she looks at Cal and he’s ready to tell her something.

And that’s where it all begins.

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I really do love Jared and Michaela and I do think that they need to be together and yet, I do feel like they need to be apart. They have held on to the love that they had before flight 828 and haven’t known how to move on. It’s not surprising, being as they both have had a lot of different emotions going on.

At the end of last season, we knew that someone got shot. Turns out the person who was shot was Michaela. She’s on the ground and Zeke has pressure on her stomach. But Michaela tells him to run.

I think that these two share a special bond that we have yet to see unfold completely, but whatever that bond is – it’s essential to how this story unfolds.

Her being on the ground and seeing Jared panic got my heart though too.

But with anything Manifest – it all goes back to callings and however this calling is about to change everything.

And what does this calling say? Well after Michaela is out of surgery, and Cal sneaks into the recovery room where Ben is visiting Michaela (side note she didn’t want to see Jared) and she asks what he was about to tell her in the calling.

What he was about to say was so complex and so simple.

Save the passengers.

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Fast forward to two months later, Dr. Bahl and Ben are talking about the passengers and the imminent death date. June 2, 2024.

Grace enters the room and we find out that she is pregnant. We also find out soon after that – Grace and Ben don’t know the babies Daddy. It could be Ben and it could be Danny. But right now they don’t want to find out. They want to live a life that they were meant to live.

But Ben finds out another piece of news in this instance. He finds out that Grace had a miscarriage the year before. Danny had always wanted kids.

I have to say, I admire the fact that Ben is handling it well, but I feel like at some point he’s gonna snap over it. There is only so much a man can take.

But maybe he’s just preoccupied with all the shit going on.

Olive and Grace run into Danny on the street and Grace doesn’t want to let him know that she’s pregnant. Olive quickly realizes this and she asks her Mom why.

For Olive it’s a sad situation, because she thought that this baby would be something special and make their life less complicated.

But nothing is uncomplicated for them.

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Michaela heads to the precinct to try and get them to stop chasing Zeke, but you know – that shit wasn’t gonna be going over well.

On her way out, she runs into Jared and she tells him off, in one of the kindest ways ever to tell someone off. I would be like screaming at him for the fact I was shot.

Yet, the thing is that I want those two together so I will settle in for the slowness of this and the slow burn of seeing if this ship sets sale.

She see’s the name of two people from the flight.

Chasing them down they find out that the Vasik’s disappeared. They have three kids that they left with their next door neighbor, just like they did before they went on vacation and ended up on Flight 828. They didn’t know how to deal with the voices in their heads.

The callings.

When Michaela is out she’s see’s Zeke on the street. Cal had found him and told him that him and Michaela needed to be together. So Zeke follows her and he tells her that he’s turning himself in. He needs to do his penance.

Michaela doesn’t get him to listen, but reaching onto him, she has another calling. She can tell where the Vasik’s are.

So Ben and Michaela go to where they see the Vasik’s. They think that the voices in their head are telling them to kill themselves. They’ve cleared out their life savings to give to their next door neighbor to raise their kids.

But Mikaela looks over the edge and see’s a car that’s gone over the edge.

The callings were leading the Vasik’s to saving that family. And now that they know that the voices in their heads are callings.

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Dr. Bahl is in therapy. Now, I am all for therapy. I go to therapy. I love therapy. But if I was on Flight 828 I wouldn’t because I don’t trust people for shit.

The therapist establishes that Dr. Bahl has feelings for Ben, but Dr. Bahl says that she can’t think of him that way because he’s married.

The next session the therapist tells her that she doesn’t think that they should continue with therapy because she thinks that the doctor is holding back. And as Dr. Bahl is heading back towards the door she turns and says something happened to them on the flight.


Shit is about to go down.

Manifest airs Monday’s on NBC!

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