‘Deputy’ 1×02: “Outlaws”

We’ll still stand by the fact that we think Deputy is somewhat like Walker, Texas Ranger – set in Los Angeles. However, we’re beginning to question if that is a bad thing. Cause it might be just the hook that this show needs to survive.

Hollister is the sheriff and he’s not sure how to be that. This is what we know. But what I will say is that is part of the allure of what draws you into the show, because when people are not sure how to do something the way that is something is supposed to be done, they forge a new path.

And a new path may be just what this department needs.

Hollister is trying, but he’s sick of being in meetings. He wants to be out on the street – catching the bad guys. He wants to be out there making a change.

And before we dive completely into this episode, I will say this about it. Personally, I think sometimes that as people grow in their positions, they forget what it was like to be the person out there in the trenches. And I think personally, that Hollister’s approach about wanting to be out there and wanting people to remember the purpose of their jobs.

So many people forget it.

The people of the department want him to step down. They’re trying to get Hollister to agree. Undersheriff Jerry wants him gone. He’s always had it out for Hollister. But Hollister isn’t going anywhere.

“You know somethin’? You’re right, Jerry. I’ve got a few ideas about what’s best for the department, and that’s why I’m not stepping down. Far from it. I’ve seen a lotta life from on top of a horse, and that’s given me a new perspective. And a new perspective is exactly what this place needs. The people of Los Angeles deserve the best, so do me a favor. Worry more about them and less about me. I’ll be seein’ ya.”

Jerry and Bill have never gotten along and never liked each other. Bill (Hollister) is a rule breaker and Jerry is a wannabe politician.

Hollister doesn’t care what is going on, because the one thing that he’s not gonna miss is the first day of patrol for his godson. Joseph means everything to him – just like his wife and kid do. Since Joseph’s Dad died, I do believe that he has taken on that role and wants to be there for Joseph. He wants to make sure that Joseph is safe and that he is taken care of.

Hollister gave the deputies a rousing speech and talks to Joseph. You can see that he’s protective.

So it’s in Hollisters ear that he needs to be around the 10th floor and he still wants to part of the action, so he moves his team into the 10th floor. I thought Jerry was gonna straight up have a heart attack. Which honestly, Jerry’s such a prick, I wouldn’t be sad if he lost his job.

I wish death upon no one.

Jerry is trying to get info on Hollister and I had to laugh when he tried to deliver the message to Brianna. She could drop kick your ass Jerry. She’s not gonna turn and neither is Charlie. But you dream big Jerry!

But here’s the thing – Charlie I am on the fence about. Cause she doesn’t give him an answer that shuts his ass down. I am wondering what she’s afraid of, but I also think he career is just starting so there is a lot to fear.

So anyhow later on Hollister is in bed and his wife is trying to get her freak on, when he starts reading text messages. Cade is telling him about a sting operation, and he’s go the itch to go slap cuffs on someone. So Hollister leaves and heads out into the field. This causes – in my opinion a delayed reaction about them approaching the criminals, but when they do – people are dead and Hollister – well, lets just say man can run and hop a fence.

This is when Hollister knows that he can talk a big game and picks up the perps phone and tells Roman Bergan that he’s gonna bring him in.

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Let’s all be honest here. Threatening a perp is always gonna lead to a showdown. And shit happens and that’s exactly what it leads to. It leads to Cade and Charlie getting shot at, Hollister closing the 5 (which in LA seems impossible, so props to you dude) and shoots Bergen off his getaway motorcycle from another heist. And can I just say when he manages to stop a motorcycle with his foot – you know – as one does – all I could think was those are some good steel toe boots.

Bad guy back in jail. This means a party to celebrate the sheriff’s promotion. Joseph and his partner were at a convenience store and of course Joseph was in the crossfires of some serious shit. A man opens the door and shoots his partner.

We see Joseph on he ground, trying to help his partner.

No one knows what is going on, cause they are all at the party – where we get to know more about the characters. Brianna brings her partner, which she seemed nervous about, but also at ease. She’s found her tribe.

But we all know that when they find out that one of their deputies have been shot, shits gonna hit the fan.

And I can’t wait to see it next week.

Deputy airs Thursdays on Fox!

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