‘Manifest’ 2×02: “Grounded”

Not going to lie – sometime Manifest angers me, and I am like I don’t need a lesson on religion. Because ultimately, that’s what it feels like.

It feels like someone is trying to sell me on a few things (1) having faith in a divine power, (2) there are prophets on earth, and (3) there is a reason for everything. And if we’re being honest about this, only one out of those 3 things do I believe.

“Grounded” is no different on the religion undertone. I know that some people will think that I am overthinking it. That’s a possibility. We all have our things, and maybe mine is reading too much into television shows.

But it’s my life, my thoughts, and I am gonna go with it.

Ben forms a cautious alliance with an isolated college student from Flight 828, whose callings either uncovered a violent crime or helped him commit one. As Saanvi strives to further her research into the Death Date, Grace makes a startling discovery about her pregnancy, and Olive meets a kindred spirit. Guest starring Garrett Wareing and Ellen Tamaki.

The description of this weeks Manifest seems so innocent, but this show is never innocent, and never not confusing as fuck.

But here I am – watching another week and thinking of telling my Grandma that I listened to a preacher this week.

MANIFEST — “Grounded” Episode 202 — Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)


Okay, I know that Flight 828 people thought that they weren’t ever missing, and come to find out they return five and a half years later. So technically, back from the dead. I get it. I get why people consider them back from the dead. But they were never dead.

And you know who else was never dead. NSA Director Vance.

Apparently last season when we all thought he died, he actually didn’t. He was in the back of the ambulance and he told the EMT that there were people in the government who wanted him dead, and it was better if they thought he was. So he hands him the dog tags and tells him that he knows what to do.

Vance hadn’t planned on telling anyone that he was alive, but you know, leave it to Ben to be poking around and push up everyone’s timeline.

Vance didn’t plan on telling anyone he didn’t die UNTIL he found the Major. And he thinks he’s got an inside track to who she is. He’s following the money and he needs to know if anything has happened to the 828 passengers – anything significant. Michaela and Ben say not that they know of.

But Ben asks if he should do some digging and Vance says no. Obviously Ben isn’t good at espionage.

MANIFEST — “Grounded” Episode 202 — Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Maryann Plunkett as Priscilla — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)


Am I convinced that Michaela and Jared are meant to be? No. Am I convinced that Michaela and Zeke are meant to be together? No. But am I convinced that Michaela doesn’t know what she wants? Yes.

But right now anger is blinding her – which I don’t blame her.

Jared and her are no longer partners – which I think is the best idea for both of them. Jared isn’t happy, but I really think it’s cause he’s being a possessive asshole. He thinks being her partner is going to get her to forgive him. Personally, I think all it will do is give her more of a reason to be pissed at him.

He needs to give her space and stop being all up in her space. She needs a new partner. And she gets one.

Only I am not sure I trust or like her at all. I mean this show has taught me not to trust or like anyone. It’s like every person is a chance that they are working for the Major so every new introduction scares me.

And so for me – I look at everyone as a potential suspect.

Bitch never knows.

Anyhow, with Jared out of the office, Michaela swipes a folder from his desk to figure out when Zeke’s hearing is. She attends the hearing, where Zeke – like an idiot – decides to hang himself out to dry. He says he’s guilty of everything (WHEN WE ALL KNOW HE’S NOT). Michaela stands up and tells him he can fight thing and one has to wonder how stupid she is. Like WHAT IS SHE THINKING?

She’s not gonna help Zeke by getting herself caught up in some shit. It’s only gonna make things worse for him… for her.

I know that Cal says that they need each other. They need to be together.

But I’ll be very honest, I don’t think he means it on a “relationship” level. I think that these two being around each other is the only thing that is going to keep them alive. Because I do believe that something is going to happen that they’ll need each other and I really can’t wait to see what that is.

I don’t think this is the last we will see of them – because I think Michaela is gonna have to rescue Zeke.

MANIFEST — “Grounded” Episode 202 — Pictured: (l-r) Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)


Grace and Ben have decided to get a paternity test on the baby, which hey – I am all for, because I think they need some sense of stability in their lives. And I think without that lingering question they are all gonna feel a lot better.

But when they are there and the nurse is going to draw the blood, Grace hears her own voice, telling her to stop. She’s got callings now? Is this shit passed genetically?

Ben runs out after Grace – cause like any sane person freaks out and takes off out the door. Her and Ben take this as a sign that it’s Bens.

Personally, I don’t think anything is that easy, but who am I to know?

They are rejoicing – as one should. But this does make things a little more complicated.

And when Olive finds out that her Mom is now getting callings, she’s mad. But we find out that it’s not for the reasons that we would think. It’s because – though she’s the only one not getting callings – what she’s concerned about is that if her Mom and the baby have callings, does that mean that they have imminent death date too?

For her, she’s concerned. She’s concerned that she’s going to have nothing left. No one left. So what’s the use of anything?

It’s gotta be pretty lonely for her knowing that everyone she loves could be leaving her, and no one will understand.

BUT – Olive turns to the Church of the Believers for comfort, and well I think we can all agree – this isn’t gonna end well.

MANIFEST — “Grounded” Episode 202 — Pictured: (l-r) Garrett Wareing as TJ Morrison, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)


We meet a new flight 828’r. TJ.

TJ’s gone back to school. He’s had his first calling and doesn’t know what it is. Ben is there to help him, to guide him.

Only, its the day after their meet and TJ texts him to meet.

We’re all aware of ominous tweets and how we should all run from them, right? Well, Ben goes to meet TJ and he’s at a construction site, where he’s dug up a dead girl with his bare hands.

They call the cops, and of course Jared shows up at the place. Jared has decided to insert himself, cause that’s what one does when you’re pissed that your ex isn’t your partner and her brothers name comes up on a witness list.

Jared – who can’t see past his fragile ego – doesn’t believe TJ’s story or that he had a calling. He tells Ben that too, in not so many words.

Oh, the fragile male ego.

TJ and Ben are at the station, talking about their lives since 828. Now, if you watch this show, you know that you need to pay attention to the shit that seems insignificant, or as if it doesn’t matter to the bigger story. But we’ll get back to their talk.

It’s then that TJ gets arrested for the murder and Ben – well he’s all sorts of mad. He asks his sister to investigate further. He actually insults her in all kinds of ways and lets be honest, she’s a good sister, cause I would slap the shit out of my brother for talking to me that way.

But as usual, Ben was right. See, remember 2 paragraphs above when we talked about paying attention to the shit that seems insignificant? TJ had told Ben that his Mom died and that everything he had and she had was tossed out. When Michaela goes to investigate, she finds that Frannie (the girl who died) was an artist and she made art from peoples trash.

And TJ’s fingerprints were all over her room, because she was making art from his stuff. She had taken it when the university had thrown it out.

When Michaela picks it up she finds Frannie’s student card, and the problem is that her card was on her dead body. She goes to see the place where you get new ones and trips up the guy who was on duty, and you know – well, he was the one who killed her.

MANIFEST — “Grounded” Episode 202 — Pictured: Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)


  • Jared needs to get his attitude in check.
  • I wouldn’t mess with the captain. I personally think she’s not gonna stand for peoples shit.
  • Can we all talk about the Doctors therapy sessions and how she doesn’t realize that she’s talking to major and giving her all the info?
  • Ben may finally getting his ass a job! I’m excited!

Manifest airs Monday nights on NBC!

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