‘Grown-ish’ 3×01 Review: “Crunch Time”

Welcome back, Bitches! Its Junior year at Cal-U, ‘Grown-ish‘ is back with “Crunch Time” and Zoey is  fresh off her European tour with Joey Bada$$ and homegirl has gained some perspective, so I truly hope she is not the one pregnant this season! More on that bombshell later. Right now lets concentrate on Zoey being back home, and the awesome Beyoncé themed homecoming party her friends threw for her.

I Looooved it!

I want to discuss the hot mess that is Luca, Aaron and Zoey,  A.K.A. The Bermuda Triangle. Read on for my review of it’s going to keep us on our toes this semester, and I am  here for it.

Lets jump right to it, shall we?

Zoey’s Homecoming

Zoey is ready to take on the world again, thanks to her summer job being Joey Bada$$’s stylist. I love that she has her confidence back and she is focused again. I hope this new look stays put on her, she is oozing with confidence and I am here for it.

Zoey’s friends throw a HBCU homecoming themed party to celebrate moving into their new office campus house. How do these children have this much money collectively? They have regular college type jobs. They have nice furniture, bathrooms, a yard! A grill, decorations for this party. WTF?

My first off campus apartment was not glamorous. Key word being apartment, NOT house.

Zoey thinks the party is for her homecoming! LMAO!  Skyy and Chloe give her the side eye but let her think the party is for her.

Oh Zoey, its good to see some things haven’t changed.

Zoey told Ana about her and Aaron’s kiss, and she asked Ana if she still had feelings for him. Ana tells her that she no longer cares for Aaron in that way and if Zoey wants to pursue a relationship with him, its fine with her.

Good for you ladies!

Please don’t let a man come between your friendship, its never worth it.

I started singing “Single Ladies” when they hugged it out. #beyonce #singleladies #whoruntheworld

The Bermuda Triangle

Show of hands who else is tired of the whole Zoey, Luca, Aaron drama? I’m over it. I think she should concentrate on herself this year and leave the boys alone. Guess who agrees with me? Joey!  Zoey spends way too much time thinking about her relationships, plus she is always in some drama.

Zoey, just make good grades this year, don’t cheat, don’t get arrested and find a good internship. Also get back in your daddy’s good graces.

Getting back in her parents good graces should be her main priority right now.

Luca gives Zoey some really lame ass apology for being such an ass. However, he does tell her he came to the airport to see her and apologize, but her plane had already taken off. In Zoey’s mind this means something #fate, so she goes to talk to Aaron, who is high on shrooms. Now, this  could have been poignant and emotional for both of these characters, BUT Aaron blows Zoey off about his feelings for her. #lovehurts #liar #justsaynotodrugs

Aaron is in love with Zoey and we all know that, but he acted like he didn’t care about her in the least. Poor Zoey.

Is it possible for the men on this show to be upfront about their true feelings? Do they always have to put on a cool pose?

College Boys.


Nomi, WTF girl? Summer break is only 3 months and you are CLEARLY, much farther along than that. When did this happen? Who is the father? Why did this happen? So many questions and we get zero answers. The writers waited until the very end to drop this OMG moment and the credits rolled. Everyone looked shocked and shook, including me. I did not expect for the mama to be to end up being Nomi. I thought it would be Chloe or Skyy. Erin just knew it would be Zoey. BUT we were both, oh so WRONG.


Guess we will have to wait another week to find out who knocked her up, and she could possibly end up being someone’s surrogate. Why she would need to be someone’s surrogate,  I have no idea, its not like she needs the money.  Stay with me guys, I’m just trying to work through my feelings, I wasn’t prepared to feel a certain sadness for her, but I did. #singlemom

I’m baffled by her pregnancy and listen to be clear, I’m not judging her, its just to me, out of everyone in this group, she seems the most level headed. AND that’s saying a lot.

What did you think? Share with us in the comments below!

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