Manifest 2×03: “False Horizon”

I know I can’t be alone when I watch Manifest and get so frustrated with the religious undertones. But then again, what today doesn’t have that? You think about it and you see religion in everything. But, what it is – it’s an opportunity for us to examine our beliefs, reasoning and what we would do for the things that we have faith in.

That being said, this episode of Manifest got intense AF. That’s part of the reason that I find myself captivated with this show. Everything is a roller coaster and we’re spending our time wondering what is going to happen and if all of these people will escape the inevitable death date.

More About Saanvi

One of the things that I have loved the most about Manifest is that we get to know about the characters. There are a lot of people on flights and I always find it weird. Why? Cause I think about the person next to me and I know that people can be cray.

Saanvi is an interesting character because she’s one that so much is resting on. We all know that Saanvi is the key – the key to all the knowledge, the key to figuring out where they were, and if she wasn’t so fucking important the Major wouldn’t be all up in her shit.

But we got to find out some stuff about Saanvi and that is pretty exciting. I wanna know more about this mysterious Alex is, why he left, and personally I think that he’s got something to do with what happened. Let’s be honest people – we can’t trust ANYONE.

Grace Has Another Calling

Grace went to Yoga (as one does when pregnant – except I think I’d be flat on my ass – milking this shit for what it’s worth) and met a woman who she had a calling about.

Open her eyes.

What the actual fuck? No one wants their eyes open in today’s world. That shit is depressing. It’s like could it get worse? How can I make myself sadder? Ya, hard pass.

But even harder pass when I see a gargoyle looming over. Nope. I’ve got a thing against monsters. Grace’s callings and visions are getting stronger – and I am assuming cause the baby is growing – but like still – HARD PASS. But you know, as well as I do, no one in the Stone family likes to listen.

Cal and Grace track her down. They dismiss Olive when she asks how she can help. Can I just say how much that pisses me off? Like you are all being dumb asses and not seeing that Olive is feeling lonely, left out, and all sorts of confused.

And I am not gonna let it be “pregnancy brain” as an excuse. This woman is all sorts of strange, evasive, and wants nothing to do with Grace. The woman’s name is Erika, and she thinks that the people of 828 are an abomination. She’s a bigot and quite frankly a “c u next Tuesday” and I hate her.

We don’t have to like everyone. I get that. But Erika, it’s not going to be the last time that we see her. Why? Because we see at the end that she’s like married – or something – to the man that just gave Ben a job. And yes we don’t trust this man.

Ben’s Bringing Home Bacon

Get that money!

It’s a blow to anyone’s ego when they can’t get a job. Especially when they are really good at their jobs and it was shit beyond their control that made them not have a job.

Look, Ben is one of the most BORING people on this show. His math mind is not a turn on. His bad sweaters just don’t do it for me. BUT – I will admit that the man deserves to work. Let him have something.

Something besides 828 and Saanvi’s lust for him (you can’t convince me she doesn’t want him – so if you’re talking that ain’t an attraction there, please keep walking). Ben needs something besides his sister’s issues, callings, 828, and Grace.

Ben needs a job.

Ben needs to pay better attention to his daughter.

But we see Ben go in to guest lecture and it’s on some math stuff that my mind doesn’t get and isn’t trying to understand. But everyone wants to know about 828. It takes another 828er to get them back on track.

Don’t ask me what the actual fuck he was talking about. I don’t speak math.

Ben got the job. Which good for him. Dude who gave him the job though – he’s with Erika and since she’s a bigot, I don’t trust this shit. Someone’s setting Ben up to fail. I don’t like this shit.

Spy Games

I’m not talking some Bond level shit. Cause you know, we’re not even close to that level up in this bitch.

We know there is a leak. We know – BECAUSE WE’VE SEEN THIS SEASON – that it’s Saanvi. We know Saanvi doesn’t know.

Look, I don’t like that Vance or Ben don’t tell her what’s going on and act like she can’t be trusted. No mutha fuckers – YOU CAN’T BE. Like seriously – she’s gone out on a limb day after day and you treat her like she’s wrong.

Get your asses in check.

Long story short – Ben makes up a miraculous 828er. Saanvi gets excited, cause this could be the breakthrough. Ben admits he lied. She gets pissed and kicks him out. She goes all Sherlock Holmes, figures out who it is and figures out that her therapist is the Major.

Saanvi has big modern woman energy. Ben and Vance are exhibiting my balls haven’t dropped energy. You choose which one you like.

Michaela Is Everywhere

Look, I don’t like Jared. He’s hot and he probably lays it down well. I can respect that. But he’s got a bunch of toxic masculinity and penis envy energy. He’s got a whole bunch of “I blew up my life so love me” shit going on. NO ONE FEELS BAD FOR YOU JARED. YOU DID THAT SHIT ON YOUR OWN. YOU SHOULDA STAYED COMMITTED TO THE VAGINA YOU MARRIED NOT THE ONE THAT WAS GONE.

Cry me a fucking river.

Michaela gets Zeke an attorney and goes to visit him – cause you know – he’s gotta say he wants one. Only she finds that Zeke has been transferred and no one knows where.

Michaela ain’t gonna sit on that shit.

She tracks his ass down, like the boss bitch she is. And then when they won’t let her in – she barges in and goes to find him. I mean – I am not understanding how this is done. Must be a really lax prison. She gets in there, they have an exchange, all lovey dovey and I should be with you.

Now I get the idea of romance. I truly do. But I also don’t think when I am super drugged that the thing I’m thinking about is “oh I should be with you.” Nope. I’m thinking about all the shit that I’m paranoid about, all the shit that you did me dirty, and all the dumb shit I should be slapped for.

But of course, Michaela is getting dragged out and in his drugged/sedated state Zeke remembers he’s supposed to ask for an attorney. This attorney and Michaela blowing up her spot, as well as Jared’s, ends up getting Zeke released.

Look – I know it was an accident, Zeke shooting her and all. But like, there is no penis that good that is gonna make me blow up my life.


Other Thoughts

  • I am really not sure I am buying this whole Grace is prego with Ben’s kid. Too easy
  • I have always hated Gargolyes and will continue to
  • Olive – I don’t mind her hair at all
  • Someone needs to pay more attention to Olive. Girl is up there testifying at the church of the believers and the only thing I believe about that is it’s gonna fuck her family over

Manifest airs on Mondays on NBC!

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