‘Deputy’ 1xo4: “Firestone”

I get so much shit because I call Deputy – Walker Texas Ranger, Los Angeles. And honestly, I don’t understand. I mean I am sitting here dishing out compliments and people are saying I am making fun.

Walker, Texas Ranger is an institution. So much an institution that it’s being rebooted. Though it feels like everyone gets that nowadays, they don’t. But one can dream that they’d live in syndication and then be rebooted.

And here’s what you have to overcome when you watch Deputy – the way it’s shot. And secondly – you’ll have to overcome the fact that Stephen Dorff’s character of Bill Hollister is dry and deadpan and that he can stop everything with his steel toe boots. Wait, are cowboy boots, steel toed?

Back In The Field

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love Deputy. But I am kinda pissed that we didn’t see Joseph and Charlie and their recovery. Because I would have loved to have seen what they went through. Joseph is a new deputy and his growth is something that makes this show interesting.

Hollister has decided that he’s going to put them together. Granted Charlie knows what she is doing and I can respect that.

But here’s my issue – when you are partners with someone you have to trust them. You have to know them. And I don’t just have faith in people. No offense.

I wanna know who you are, because who you are is important to the type of person that you are.

But when Joseph asks questions about Charlie – she shuts him up really quick. She only wants to know about his “observational intelligence.” Ok Charlie – my observational intelligence tells me that you are driven by emotion, you can’t separate emotions from your job, and you blame Joseph for what happened to your man.

She takes him to a bar, to teach him about observing. I can respect all of her knowledge – because that means that she’s good at her job. But what I can’t respect about her is that everything with her is a defensive moment and she is not capable of teaching.

Joseph takes everything in stride and I can respect that about him. But the reality is we are four episodes in and we have little of his backstory and with him being such an important part of the series, I am like say what? We need to know more about him, his father, and such.

We have seen his Mom for a hot second, but I feel like Deputy is missing out on this moment because we are not learning vital things about a main character.

Nothing offensive to Hollister, but I want to be emotionally invested in the characters and he’s just not doing it for me.

I think that Deputy is trying. And honestly, it’s got so much potential, so many great characters, but it isn’t giving us enough on the characters for us to be able to establish a connection with them.

Was She More?

Women – we all know that when we ask that questions, “was she more?”, we aren’t going to like the answer.

Hollister has started a human trafficking task force – which I think is the best thing. The oversight committee is telling him no – but he’s already got them out busting some coyotes.

Before I even dive into this part – lets be honest with each other. Deputy has a good premise. A really good premise. They have a phenomenal cast. The issue is the writing. The writing is sometimes comical, even when it’s meant to be serious. And it is the writing that turns people off from the show – forcing them to reevaluate their position on watching it.

Because it’s just that mediocre writing. Deputy could be a great show, but it would start with firing the writing staff or holding them to a higher standard.

Because this human trafficking storyline could have been a lot better.

When Ward and the task force bust into the house, it’s of course a shoot out. When they get some people to surrender, of course the woman asks for Hollister.

We find out that the woman was an informant of Hollister’s. Back before he was married, he was involved with her. I get that she’s done some amazing things for him and I will be the first to say that she deserves all of the chances to turn her life around.

But Bill, here’s what I don’t get. WHY? WHY DOES BILL BRING HER HOME? I mean – if I was Bill’s wife I would slap him into the middle of next week. There are other ways to keep her safe. But you bring someone who knows about the cartel into your home – where your wife and kid are? Fuck no

Look Bill, I know you are loyal AF and I admire that about you. But you sure as fuck turn soft when it’s someone you know. But you should have never brought her home.

Hollister decides that he’s going to get her out of the situation. So he runs to his under deputy to get his help to get her witness protection. She’s just gotta give them something big.

And she does. She tells them who is the person that runs everything. She tells them what her job was. She gives them everything that they need to bust the ring.

And she gets her witness protection.

Other Thoughts

  • Mead having the chance to adopt the kids he’s fostering. To be honest I am excited for him and his wife. But I admire the fact she wants to talk to the kids first
  • Seeing Maggie prepare for her Quince – I am excited to see that how it goes. However, if their thing is that something happens that threatens her life at this – I will loose more respect for the writers.
  • The Under Deputy getting Charlie to spy – cause lets face it – she will – makes me so irritated.
  • Bishop continues to be the MVP
  • I don’t like the guy who asked Joseph to join him and his friends. Something shady happening here.

Deputy airs Thursdays on Fox!

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