‘Manifest’ 2×04: “Black Box”

You know how there are those cartoons with someone walking around and they have a black cloud above them all the time and they can’t escape it? That my friends, is Michaela on Manifest. This woman is strong and fierce, but she’s so driven by emotions that sometimes she misses logic.

But then again, I wasn’t on a plane that disappeared for five and a half years.

This weeks Manifest has Michaela and Zeke up in the middle of everything again and if we’re being honest, I am ready for someone else to take a central role.

Here’s why? They are boring. Michaela comes across as whiny, when I believe that she’s meant to be concerned. Zeke comes across weak and passive – when with everything going on he needs to be strong.

And so I am annoyed. But that being said, I am a sucker for romance, so at least Michaela and Zeke got their sex on. But let’s break down the episode.

The 828’r: Logan

The Calling: Death Date Calling

The Crime: Bank Robbery

Here’s what I am having a hard time understanding from any of this. These people are obviously back. I mean they are standing there in front of you – breathing, living., and shit. But someone has to be like “oh no an anomaly.” It’s hurting the people of 828, but also the overall stigma.

But what is the worst is when it comes from family. Logan is an 828’r that of course robs a bank that Michaela and Zeke are in. Cause you know a calling brought them there, a calling that said, “bring him back.”

Can I just say the thing that I don’t get about callings is why the hell they are so cryptic. I mean I do get it – it’s necessary for the drama. But like lord, sometimes I wish it wasn’t this way.

Logan needs to get into a safety deposit box, that has a compass in it. He says it is the only way that he can stay alive.

Michaela is able to talk him into letting the people leave and she’s going to get him into the vault.

Ben in the meantime is with TJ who had a calling and saw an emblem of a bug, a bird, a fish, and a tiger. Olive was able to tell him that it was the Gramercy Club, a members-only athletic club in the city.

When getting there, Ben gets the call that Michaela is in the bank. Jared of course – the one making the call. God, I hate him. He’s always in the middle of everything.

TJ’s calling led them to Frank Strickland, Logan’s brother, who had the key to the box that he needed to get into. #6224.

Frank goes to the bank, gives him the key and gets him into the box, to give him the compass. Frank was what we’d call a non-believer – he didn’t believe that Logan was really his brother. His brother died and that’s the way he wanted to leave it. But he’s faced with the realization that he was wrong.

On the back of the compass is a peacock, which – if you remember was in Michaela’s death day calling. Something weird is going on. We don’t know what this compass means or how it’s gonna come into play, but it is and we’re interested to see what will happen and if they can stop the death day.

Saanvi’s Shit Is All Gone

If we’ve learned one thing – Saanvi isn’t a good actress. She gives it away quickly that she knows that her therapist is.

The intention is to go in and act normal – as if she’s just overwhelmed and gonna put her work on hold.

Here’s the problem, to keep herself calm, she eats an apple. But it’s a dead giveaway. I mean if you’ve never had a prop with you before – it’s definitely a giveaway.

This makes the major steal all of her work – including the work that she thought was a secret at her apartment. Everything that she worked for was gone.

And that breaks her apart.

The major now has all of Saanvi’s work on the 828 anomalies including “how to isolate it, eliminate it, and replicate it.” As bad as I feel bad for Saanvi, I have to admit that I am happy that we’re probably going to finally get more information on who the major is and what she wants.

Other Thoughts

  • I want to know more about Ben’s boss and why they hired him. I don’t believe that it was for his talents or teaching ability. I think it was because of the major and what she wants.
  • This baby that Grace is carrying means more than we are giving attention to. But what? Is this baby the holy grail and what exactly is the holy grail?
  • One can’t blame TJ for being pissed learning about the death day. What a secret to learn, especially when he’s been so open with Ben.
  • Olive remembering TJ – there is something there. I believe that something is going to happen between the two of them. But not happy that she’s bringing him to the church.
  • Also – you can’t tell me that this church doesn’t have something to do with the major.
  • About time Michaela and Zeke had sex.

Manifest airs Monday’s on NBC!

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